Top 10 Movies of 2013

Here comes the time for my very late lists of 2013. This was an amazing year for movies, because they were all so diverse and interesting, I found it very hard to pick favorites. That is why my top ten largely differs from Oscars best picture nominees (compared to last years list). During last 12 months I saw around 100 feature films, including animations and here are my choices:
10. Only Lovers Left Alive review 8/10
Not a big fan of Jim Jarmusch. But I liked Only Lovers Left Alive very much, because it was creepy and fresh view of vampire (eternal) life. I will remember this film for a very long time, because of original ideas, good performances and terrific music.
9. August: Osage County review 8/10
Tracy Letts's stage adaptation has two things I enjoy most in movies: good dialogues and brilliant performances. Leaving alone everyone else in the cast, Julia Roberts and Meryl Streep deliver one of the most memorable performances lately. AOC is a movie with big names who really did big performances.
8. Dallas Buyers Club review 8/10
Dallas Buyers Club is good, a very descent film with interesting story. One of those quiet films that bring you many topics to think about and whenever you're done watching it, then you realize how good that hour and a half was. It's almost impossible to forget two brilliant performances of McConaughey and Leto, as well as Jennifer Garner and rest of cast.
7.  The Hunger Games: Catching Fire review 8/10
It is a movie that you can't see in many top lists. But surprisingly, I enjoyed it very much and this is where everything lands - enjoinment. I liked Jennifer's performance, plot twists, visuals and many technical aspects.
6. Gravity review 8/10
Gravity deserves to be here just because of breathtaking cinematography and visuals. It was definitely the most beautiful watching experience this year, just like Avatar back in 2009.
5. The Hobbit: The Desolations of Smaug review 9/10
Most LOTR fans are disappointed by the Hobbit movies. I agree on the first one, but Smaug had something that I loved in LOTR - tense and rapid development of events, interesting story and well designed fantasy world.
4. The Star Trek into Darkness review 9/10
I am literally in love with both Star Trek movies. I found "into Darkness" very intense, well done and acted. I believe that J.J. is brilliant director, with great vision in fantasy and the fact that he brought such an amazing cast together, crafted good story and delivered such iconic film, definitely deserves my great love.
3. Her review 9/10
I'd never believe that Spike Jones would film something better than  Being John Malkovich but seriously, I am forgetting this. Her is a descent movie in so many ways. First of all, because of smart and simple story, natural and beautiful dialogues. Secondly, Joaquin Phoenix's very impressive dramedy performance and Scarlett's sexiest voice and finally, the best production design, I've seen in contemporary movies. In addition, Karen O's perfect The Moon Song was one of the best things this year.
2. Captain Phillips review  9/10
Two reasons to love this film: Tom Hank's performance and Paul Greengrass's directing.
P.S. I don't think Barkhad Abdi was that great.

1. Rush review 10/10
Taking into consideration how rarely I award movies with 10 points and how much I hate films about sports, Rush was so perfect that it just blew my mind. If you are interested in my reasoning, you may read the review, because I can't even make it short.

Any thought about this list? Which movie are some of your favorites?

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  1. I'm glad to see Her placed highly on your list. It was in my Top 10 of 2013, along with August: Osage County and Gravity. I also loved Dallas Buyers Club. However, I haven't seen a few of these films. Rush is now on the top of my watch list :)

  2. Great list of flicks. I do need to check out Only Lovers Left Alive. Only for my love for Swinton

  3. Oh, thanks for stopping by. If you love Swinton, you have to check this out, she's brilliant here

  4. I didn’t think I was going to enjoy Rush at all, but damn if Howard didn’t win me over. Daniel Brühl was fantastic there.

  5. Yep, Rush was something I did not see coming. Absolutely enjoyable movie

  6. Her was brilliant. I did not expect it to be that good. It is definitely one of the bests this year. I loved Rush, because it was the biggest surprise, very entertaining and breathtaking.