Tribute To Dexter: Season 1

7 weeks left until the great day of June 30, when 8th and final season of Dexter premieres. 7 seasons are past, a brilliant and thrilling 7 seasons. Before we farewell Dexter Morgan, I'll take you back to each season, accordingly I'll post a tribute regarding each of them every Fridays. The last post will be updated just before the premiere.

So, Here we go!

Season 1

Dexter Morgan (played by Michael C. Hall) is a forensics expert of Miami-Metro Homicide Department, who has a very strange hobbie - killing people, but all of his victims are murderers, who successfully escaped justice and did not answer for their guilt. Dexter believes that he is doing a good thing to the public by prevention of further murders of innocent people. But this is not the weirdest thing about him. Morgan is a creepy person who is really bad at expressing emotions, feelings and any kind of gratitude to any person, including his sister and a co-worker Debra Morgan. He is not capable of love anyone, but still he is a good brother, friend, husband and father. And this is the reason for his strength as a perfect killer.

The first season follows Miami Police Department chasing for The Ice Truck Killer who targets prostitutes and leaves their bodies severed and bloodless. This is the first time someone astonished Dex with brilliance of murder - killing people without a single drop of blood.

In the same season  Dexter kind of "falls in love" with Rita, a single mother whose husband, Paul Bennett, is released from prison on parole. While Bennett does his best to get back with Rita. After Bennett threatens him, Dexter knocks Paul out, and then sets him up to look like he violated his parole by using heroin. While back in prison, Bennett insists that Dexter set him up, but Rita ignores him.

Debra begins dating a prosthetic doctor named Rudy Cooper — who is secretly the Ice Truck Killer. After they get engaged, Cooper kidnaps Debra and lures Dexter to the house where he is keeping her. Here Dexter recognizes Cooper as Brian, his long-lost brother. Finally, Rudy Cooper dies on Dexter's table, just like a lot others.

Meeting with older brother influences on Dex. He starts remembering childhood, the day when they lost mother, who was brutally murdered in presence of both children. This day changed everything, actually turned brothers into killers. Dexter was adopted by Harry Morgan (real father of Debra) and he did the best to teach young Dexie how to control emotions and invincible thirst to kill. Rudy, on the contrary, dealt with himself alone, leading him to the wrong choice of murdering innocent people.
    Facts about Dexter Morgan
    1. Dexter has his own code, which prohibits killing guiltless people.
    2. Number 1. rule of this code is "Don't Get Caught"
    3. Before executing any of the victims, he makes sure that he/she is the right guy, using any legal or mostly illegal proves. Then follows and brings them to a specially designed place. When a victim wakes up, he always explains the reason for murder.
    4. "The Dark Passenger" - it's how Dexter calls his crave for killing.
    5. Morgan collects blood patterns of every person lying on his table and keeps them at his place. The bodies are mostly thrown in the ocean.
    6. Dex has a boat named "Slice of Life"
    7. The Code was actually "designed" by his step father Harry.
Dexter Morgan

Debra Morgan
That's totally her :)
Rita Bennett - a lady who has an affair with Dex

James Doakes - a guy who does not like Dexter much.

Maria LaGuerta, Angel Batista, Harry Morgan, Vince Masuka and many others.
    A short review for those who are just introduced to Dexter

    This is the creepiest, most engaging, interesting TV Show you can ever watch. Everything about it is great: story, characters, actors and moral dilemma. The idea itself is very original and actually this is the first project which makes you love a serial killer and it might also make you want to live with the person like Dexter Morgan.

    Dexter is very dynamic and live show, which does not let you go away the screen. The good thing is that, other seasons are far more better then this one, which is pretty rear thing nowadays.

    You wanna watch it!

  • The first season of Dexter is based on novel "Darkly Dreamy Dexter" written by Jeff Lindsay. All other seasons follow original plot lines;
  • While on the show, Dexter and Deb are adoptive brother and sister, in real life, the actors that play them, Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter met on the show and married;
  • Dexter's blood brother, Rudy, is supposed to be 4 years older than Dexter. In actuality, Christian Camargo is 4 months younger than Michael C. Hall;
  • The logo on the the back of Dexter's bowling shirt is "Bowl til you Bleed;
  • Dexter often refers to himself as being "born in blood" because the Dexter that is a sociopath and has a need to kill started out in a cargo container where his mother was murdered. Toddler Dexter was there to not only witness his mother's murder, but was left in inches of blood for days until the cops found her;
  • Andrew Conley idolized the character of Dexter Morgan and cited him as an inspiration for the murder of his ten-year-old brother;

This is a short outline of Season 1 - most interesting things we miss about Dexter. Tribute to Season 2 will be posted next Wednesday, May 22.

P.S. I'm totally open for any suggestions what you want to read in the next posts.

Have a killer day!

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