Predicting 86th Oscars: Best Actress

This year has one of the most extraordinary candidates for Best Actress lately. Lots of big names, lots of big roles and big movies. We've not seen most of them yet but we all have expectations.

Here is a list of top ten female lead performances that can get into final list:

1. Meryl Streep in August: Osage County (3 wins, 17 nominations)
Definitely, the best actress of all time. In 2011 when she accepted her third Oscar for Iron Lady, Meryl said "I know I won't be standing here anymore". But who knew. She seems brilliant in August: Osage Country trailer. First screening raves predict her another glorious trophy for portraying Violet Weston. Frankly, sneak peak makes her shoo-in nominee and even most deserving winner this year.

2. Julia Roberts in August: Osage County (1 win, 3 nominations)
This movie is brilliant for female performances. Mostly the story develops around them and male actors are beyond the major story. Here is a deal, Julia can be a lead or supporting actress this year. We don't know yet. But wherever she goes, she's one of the best candidates to nominate. Dinner scene (from the trailer) can bring her fourth late nomination for powerful, emotional and dramatic portrait of Barbara Weston

I personally think that if her performance is submitted as supporting, there are more chances to be a top contender, since Academy does not particularly like two lead nominees in the same category for the same movie. But it has happened before in Thelma & Louise. So, anything is possible.

3. Naomi Watts in Diana (2 nominations)
Last year contender comes back as Princess Diana. She seems to be a good nod. Academy loves actors who play real people, especially those who have been loved by everyone.

4. Nicole Kidman in Grace of Monaco (1 win, 3 nominations)
Academy Award winner actress plays academy award winner actress aka Nicole Kidman as Grace Kelly. Brilliant pair and chance for Nicole to fight for the second win. This is something that does not happen every year. But in 2005 Cate Blanchett won Oscar for portraying Katharine Hepburn in The Aviator. The same can happen this year, especially when Nicole was unfairly snubbed last year from supporting actress race. 

5. Kate Winslet in Labor Day (1 win, 6 nominations)
It's her first heavy role after winning an Oscar. She might have welcoming comeback for very dramatic performance of caring mom in Labor Day.

Potential nominees:

Sandra Bullock in Gravity
Jennifer Lawrence in American Hustle
Rooney Mara in Ain't Them Bodies Saints
Jessica Chastain in The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Hers
Emma Thompson in Saving Mr. Banks

Any ideas who might fall into top five of Oscar Race?

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