Top 5 Movies I Can't Wait in 2013

It's almost an axiom that the movies premiered later during any given year, get more award recognition then those which come out earlier. I really want to see each film that premieres in Autumn, because they tend to be one of the bests of year, but still there are some earlier ones I'm looking forward to watch.

Here are top 5 movies, I can't wait to see:

Sequel of Star Trek is already running in the cinemas worldwide, but as usual it's being late in my country. Hell knows when I'm supposed to see it. If you've read my review of Star Trek, you'd know that I loved the it. Trio of Zachary Quinto, Chris Pine and Benedict Cumberbatch makes me more amazed about this movie. 

Leonardo DiCaprio is starring in two most anticipated movies this year. Even though The Wolf of Wall Street seems even bigger shot this year, I really really loved The Great Gatsby from trailers. I've been waiting for this movie since last years trailers. It was supposed to premiere in 2012 but was shifted to 2013. This film has an amazing cast including Carey Mulligan and Tobey Maguire. Leo himself seems to have the biggest chance for long waited Oscar.

Another movie with early premiere that did not arrive in Georgia yet. There's been a lot raves regarding Nicole Kidman's performance that gave a chill. Stoker seems to become one of my favorite films this year. 

American Hustle

David O'Russel's another movie with Jennifer Lawrence & Bradley Cooper. The Cast also includes such big names like Christian Bale, Robert De Niro, Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner. It must be a great film to watch. Let' see.

Probably this movie won't get any award recognition but I am sure I'll be one of its fans. Now You See Me charmed me from the very first preview. I know sometimes trailers are misleading but I need to try. Also Jesse Eisenberg's performance looks pretty convincing and wanting me more to have a look at it.

What's your most anticipated movies of 2013?


  1. Very good list! I have seen Stoker and I wasn't impressed. Curious to read your review.

  2. Thanks Erik! As soon as I get chance to watch it, I'll definitely review. Even Nicole did not impress?

  3. Well...She always does BUT if you wanna see her really shine watch The Paperboy (if you haven't seen it yet). :)

  4. yeah I saw it couple of days ago, still did not manage to write a review. Well, let's see how she works on me, haha

  5. I actually really dug Stoker. I think it fits well in Park's body of work.

    Can't wait for American Hustle!

  6. I still need to see Stoker. Hope I'll get it soon.