Best Trailers of 2012

2012 was very intense year for moviegoers and movie lovers. This years most anticipated movies have been premiered lately, in November and December. Unfortunately, most of them have not run in my country yet. So, I present the best trailers of 2012.

10. Anna Karenina

I've not seen the film year, however I'm sure the director has carefully chosen scenes for the trailer to tell the movie precisely without any spoilers.

9. The Great Gatsby

8. Mirror Mirror

I guess, this trailer is better than the movie itself. I've chosen it because it perfectly shows the 'spirit' of the whole movie and it looks really beautiful.

7. Hotel Transylvania

Probably the funniest trailer of the year.

6. Looper

5. Argo

This is great. the movie and the trailer. I love the Aerosmith music. It totally nails.

4. Rise of the Guardians

Just because of the Santa!

3. Life of Pi

This trailer just makes you love the movie before you even see it. It picks the most beautiful parts of the film, with more beautiful music.

2. Cloud Atlas

I may see a little subjective picking this trailer as number 2, however I admit that this movie is one of the most surprises of this year. This trailer is enough reason to acknowledge the great work of directors. 

1. Les Miserables

This trailer is the best definitely. Because it unites the best songs and most mighty parts of the film itself. The final part of chore singing "Do You Hear People Singing" is just brilliant

So, What do you think? Which trailer you consider to be this years the best?

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