Jul 10, 2013

TV Series: Dexter 08x02 - Every Silver Lining

First episode, aka beginning of the end, was surprisingly full of twists and new characters, who refreshed the spirit of whole show. It started a complex story of Dexter-Debra relationship, investigation of new murders and Dex's contention with mysterious psychologist. But second episode actually runs in totally unpredictable direction and shows Dexter - a cold blood serial killer -  in another perspective.

We all know how "dark passenger" was born - Dex witnessed murder of mother and at the age of three he was "christened" in her blood. But we never knew how Dexter Morgan was formed, was it all Harry?

Every Silver Lining is great achievement in dramatic writing, for making brilliant plot twist, adding some very interesting and pensive dialogues, which enhance the problem of moral dilemma in this show. I've been always saying that Dexter bring a issue that never been brought before the screen. It really tries to show whether serial killers can be good people or not. But it does not bring an episode that will give a definite YES or NO answer.

This episode gives closer look to Dr. Vogel and her relationship with Dexter. First episode introduced her as a person who knows Morgan's secret and Harry's code well. But she turns out to be on his side. Is this good? We don't know yet. Evelyn is being helpful psychologist since Dex is losing control on emotions and everything happening around him but every person, who knows that much information about his desire of killing is potential threat - that's what daddy taught him.
Michael C. Hall is great in this episode. It's never been easy to play serial killer, however this episode was special dramatic achievement, including passionate, beautifully written and emotional dialogues. Jennifer Carpenter is just brilliant. This season can be the best for her, making her next award season pretty interesting.

Deb-Dex relationship goes as it's supposed to be - sister tries to push brother away from her, blaming him for everything she's been up to. But Dexter is not capable of letting her go, because he also feels guilty. For this reason he gets psychological assistance from Dr. Vogel, who turns out to be happy for what's happening to Morgan. She tries to keep him closer to herself, as if own child.
“Will you not do this please?” – Deb
“What?” – Dexter
“Give a shit.” – Deb

All in all, Every Silver Lining is a descent followup to A Beautiful Day. Hope for better ones!

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