10 Reasons Why I'M Excited about 86th Oscars Ceremony

I have a friend, who can't understand why I've been spending sleepless nights to watch Academy Awards ceremony for years, I still can read about the winners next day. He's got some logic, but what my friend is incapable to understand is the whole extent of excitement of watching the show itself. I've not missed any of them since 2007 ceremony, when The Departed won trophy.

I have my expectations for every year, my wishlist and reasons why I watch it. So, here are TEN reasons why we can't wait for March 2, 2014.

1. Ellen DeGeneres is a (returning) HOST

Ellen hosted the very first ceremony I remember fully watching, 79th annual academy awards in 2007. By that time, she was new to me, I had no idea who Ellen DeGeneres was. I found some of her jokes to be funny but still did not made me laugh out loud. 

This year, I am sure she's going to be awesome, because Ellen is awesome. She's got enough hosting experience to nail it. 

2. Ellen is FUNNIEST person on Television
photo credit: Karcomics
3. She can easily make fun of any celebrity at awards and she's good at it. 
Have you watched any of her shows?! She always nails it and never steps back to say some mean jokes, which always are the funniest ones. I am sure, she'll successfully collaborate with awards ceremony writers to make the Oscars a lot funnier.

4. This video

5. It is one of the toughest competition of last two decades
Out of 9 movies, three have the closest chances to win Best Picture: American Hustle, Gravity, 12 Years a Slave. We'd not know who is going to land it. They have won awards - important and not so important ones and all of them have a thing that can be liked by academy members.

6. Things Jennifer Lawrence can do on the red carpet
She will be fun whether Lupita robs her or not, because she has already done:


7. Julia Roberts nominated
My most favorite actress of all time has not been nominated since 2001 aka since I remember her. I know that she's not going to win, despite giving the most magnificent performance of her career and one of the bests this year, but just seeing her on red carpet and among nominees just make me happy, as a fan.

But, if something happens, something shockingly good and unexpected, like her winning, oh, my, god...
8. Jared Leto with GOLD 

He will obviously win, everything, on the red carpet and or the ceremony. As a fan of 30STM and fan of Leto, himself, I can not wait seeing him holding this final trophy for this awards season for most deserving and my most favorite performance of the year.

9. I am a movie geek
Do I have to explain? This is what I do during my WHOLE spare time. This is how I breath.

10. Hope that they'll make it come back: 
As Oscars are about honoring each years best achievements by the people of the same industry, this was the best tribute to actors/actresses that honored both, current nominees and past winners. I think they HAVE TO make it come back.

So, why are you excited about this years Oscars?!


  1. Beka SukhitashviliJan 30, 2014, 10:47:00 PM

    OMG, i cant understand how can people miss that event! I love red carpet and love crying speaches :D
    You know, Julia will be there!!! <3
    And, of course Ellen! Love her!

  2. That would be awesome if they brought back #10. That was my favourite Oscar ceremony ever. It was so classy.

  3. I loved it too. It was the best recent decision they've made lately.