Top 10 Drama TV Episodes of 2013 (Excl. Breaking Bad)

2013 was a great year, many of my favorite shows premiered, or aired new seasons. Here are my top ten TV Drama episodes of 2013, which does not include any of Breaking Bad episode, because I have not watched it yet. Whenever I finish it, I know I have to updated this list, but as for now, there are my favorites:

*spoiler alarm*
American Horror Story has become one of my favorite show after terrifying first and phenomenal second season. Despite having quite mixed feelings about Coven, BITCHCRAFT was a great episode, introducing new theme of show. It is brilliant from the opening scene to the end. Bringing together new characters, telling different stories from the past and uniting them in the present.

I found BITCHCRAFT to be phenomenal start.
Under the Dome is either hated or loved. As a great fan of King, I loved this show. It had its ups and downs but final episode of season one was quite shocking. It suggest many plot twists, putting major characters in danger, turning darkness into lights etc. And most importantly, it tips very carefully about what happens in season two. Reason I liked CURTAINS is that it somehow concludes story and opens many other question for next season too. Cliffhanger in the ending is always fun to watch, especially when this cliffhanger shocks you.

It can be a quite startling choice for Best list, but I am actually blown away by The Originals, which has nothing to do with Vampire Diaries in the terms of quality. This show keeps being engaging, fun and intrigue. FRUIT OF THE POISONED TREE suggests some interesting character developments, showing Klaus as a caring father, making Davina stronger and opening witch secrets. This episode was well thought, masterfully written and played. Totally enjoyable.
In MIDNIGHT Norma stands against Jake Abernathy to protect her family and goes to Sheriff Romeo for help, which ends with unpredictable twist. Norman gets closer to her teacher Miss Watson and asks Emma to go to winter dances. Norma finally breaks down and reveals some dark secrets that leads too many questions regarding what happened in the beginning of show.
House of Cards is one of the greatest shows currently playing and CHAPTER 11 is one of its greatest episodes. Some shocking things happen here, including Francis practically murdering Peter and Doug actually supporting it, keeping a secret. Everybody, especially Kevin Spacey and Carey Stroll give brilliant performances here.

CHAPTER 11 is as great as it leads to no less amazing season finale.
THE CLOCK shows Elizabeth and Phillips on a mission for the first time, when they blackmail a maid of defense secretary Weinberger's maid. The very real danger of failure Phillip and Elizabeth’s operation not only makes “The Clock” a nice story, but it also helps further discover the characters and motivations. This real threat make Jennings think whether they are doing right thing or not, because they don't feel their children are safe while parents are doing their job.

THE CLOCK is great dramatic achievement, which perfectly starts digging into plot of the show, dragging you to the very bottom of the story.
A BEAUTIFUL DAY started with major plot twist right away, bringing Dr. Vogel into action. During whole 7 season, we knew nobody who was aware of Dexter's dark passenger, except Deb. But then there comes a woman who has known Morgan for as long as possible and she turns everything upside down.

Even more, this episode farther explores Dex's character, showing his more human side, who takes care of his sister, blaming himself for everything that happened to her. All this leads him to emotional breakdown that puts him into immediate threat. A BEAUTIFUL DAY was a great start of new season.
AND NOW HIS WATCH IS ENDED is an episode of Daenerys Targaryen, who visits Kraznys to exchange one of dragons for the Unsullied Army. But as it turns out, she fluently speaks Valyrian and does not actually intends to cede her dragons. So, she destroys everybody standing against her.

For its surprising plot twist, great direction and it is this years one of the best episodes.
In HITTING THE FAN Will learns that Alicia and Cary are leaving the firm and fires them before they go. However, Florick/Argos still managed to steal some client information in time, however they are not still ready to consult their clients. Lockhart/Gardner partners do their best to keep their ex-worker from getting new office space.

This episode is just breathtaking, very rapidly changing, interesting and twisty. It has everything a good episode has to have: great writing, directing, brilliant acting and twists.
Blood! Blood! Blood!

THE RAINS OF CASTAMERE is the bloodiest, most shocking and terrifying episode I've seen this year. Nobody expected anything like that (except those who have read the book), but even already spoiled viewers were blown away by how The Red Wedding scene was filmed. Definitely the best episode of 2013.

Honorable mention:

Burden of Truth - Hostages
Natural Selection - Orphan Black
Anslo Garrick: Conclusion - The Blacklist
What is in the Box? - The Good Wife
Episode Three - Top of the Lake
The Lesser Key of Solomon - Sleepy Hollow

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