Top 10 Trailers of 2013

Last year, I named To Ten trailers of 2012, choosing Les Miserable's epic trailer as a winner, with close runner up Cloud Atlas. Later it turned out that those two movies were two my top films of 2012 (being Cloud Atlas slightly more favorite than Miserables). As for now, I've seen only few of those films and I truly wonder whether movie and trailer choices still match. We'll see.

I believe that trailers are very important to promote and make people want to watch the movie. A good trailer shall deliver the spirit, importance, messages of film without spoiling anything. Making a good movie does not mean making a good trailer and vice versa. The trailers I choose have some important characteristics to me: a good shots and moments from plot, music and some emotional connections. So, here they are:

10. Despicable Me 2 version 3

This is the funniest trailer of the year, having everything we love about Despicable Me - lot of minions, the kids and some interesting plot tips. Two minions laughing scene is just priceless.

9. The Fifth Estate version 1

Despite the movie being widely hated, trailer looks good, because it starts to tell a good story, bringing lots of chills and explored a great performance by Benedict Cumberbatch. Also, I like the background music.

8August: Osage County version 2

The dinner scene is considered to be one of the "award-winning" scenes this year and this trailer perfectly teases what's going on there. I love it because every and each actor being in there.

7. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug version 1

It is epic and awesome.

6. Now You See Me version 2

Now You See Me has been my top most anticipated movie of the year and it's just because of this very well done trailer, which shows epic scenes from Vegas show. With good music, nice shots and some interesting parts of movie, it does the job trailers have to do: make you wanna see it.

5. Her version 1

Scarlet Johansson's voice is enough reason I guess.

4The Hunger Games: Catching Fire version 2

Trailer is as good as the movie itself. I love white-wedding-dress-turns-into-black-one scene very much, it gives me a chill.

3Thor The Dark World version 1

Thor has this visually stunning trailer, with some tricky moments picked up, some funny and some sexy. All in all, it is great.

2. Rush version 1

If Rush becomes my most favorite movie of 2013, this trailer would contribute a lot. Hans Zimmer's brilliant score, impressive shots, jokes and very emotional sequence of scenes make perfect trailer that definitely put this movie on the top of my anticipated list.

1. Lee Daniel's The Butler version 1

LD's the Butler trailer delivers everything descent it has: a great cast, good story, emotions and a great music in the background (yes! music is important, for me). Every time I watch this, I die to see it again. It is a great example of how to turn something ordinary into epic.

So, what do you think is the best trailers of 2013?!

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  1. No Gravity? :( I love that Thor trailer, so dynamic. The Butler trailer is a bit too much for me, too sentimental and packed with all those 'look it's an epic story!' moments.

  2. Gravity trailers look like exact extracts from the movie, without any special editing or something. Though, they look as brilliant as the movie itself.

    I love sentimentality in trailers. They always make me re-watch them many many times. :))))

  3. Nice list here. I loved that Her trailer. It showed just enough to make me wholly interested. Cut together really well.

  4. Thanks Alex. Yes, it's definitely visually stunning trailer.