Movie Review: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire [2013]

Last week I made my contribution to extremely impressive opening box office of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and frankly, it was surprisingly awesome. I have to acknowledge that first movie was not any such good. Have not read second book yet, I was charmed by the story itself, as well as filmmaking.
Catching Fire follows the events after rebellious win of Katniss and Peeta, who became icons for antigovernmental movements fighting against capitol. For that reason, those two, and especially Everdeen is considered to be primary threat to regime and capitol decides to turn her into antihero or to "kill" her in games. 75th Hunger Games is special, reuniting all past winner and Katniss is a shoo-in, because she is the only female winner of district 12. And so it begins, once again. Haymitch is picked as a partner of her in games, however Peeta volunteers to protect his beloved on the field.

If I tell you anything that happens during games, it'd be the greatest possible spoiler, so I won't. But I'd love to say that all these is far more spectacular than previous one. Script is more smart, interesting and tense, visuals are just awesome. Catching Fire is purely well done film from costumes to cinematography, writing to directing. It has as impressive make ups, designs and production design as The Hunger Games. I am truly surprised how it could not make the respective nominations, especially makeup (which is ugly, but still professionally done).
On the contrary to first movie, it more focuses on rebellion against government than on games itself. And I think this is how it will work in the future. Catching Fire mostly tells how people admire Katniss, how she turned into a symbol of survival and courage and how Everdeen has to sacrifice many things in her life to win that battle.
Jennifer Lawrence makes the movie a must watch of 2013.  Her performance in this is no less amazing and professional than in any other movie. Katniss is a great material to work: raging emotions, unusual strength, being a victim, a lot personal drama and pain and Jennifer as an actress does most outstanding job by brining it on the screen. Even more, the rest of cast is great, especially young actors & Woody Harrelson.
Men of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire aka men of Katniss
Francis Lawrence is a very successful replacement of director Gary Ross. Because he made the most successful late autumn blockbuster, which is not going to be only audience favorite. He managed to bring a juicy material, stars and newcomers together and film a really entertaining movie.
Oscar chances?! I'd consider it for makeup and costumes but not entirely sure. However, song Atlas performed by Coldplay could be one of the frontrunners in best original song nomination (the song shall be eligible for this award season, since it is credited as original motion picture soundtrack).


  1. Agreed, an improvement over the previous, especially in the discussion of the main themes

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