Movie Review: Thor: The Dark World [2013]

A hot blonde guy with mostly useless hammer is back. So, I could not resist seeing it during premiere week and I think I'd regret not to watch it on the big screen.

Thor: The Dark World follows Thor's hardest quest to protect nine realms from very old and strong enemy - Dark Elves, who were destroyed thousands of years ago by Asgard warriors and now seek for revenge and lost weapon known as Aether. The same time, Jane discovers an anomaly similar to the one that brought Thor to Earth and she accidentally gets involved into wars of the worlds. For this reason, Thor comes back to the Earth and takes Foster to Asgard for the first time (yeah, a guy takes his girlfriend to introduce to parents, but she's not particularly welcomed). But eventually, Thor brings her to more danger and the only way he sees saving beloved is to ask for help to Loki.

And then they do stuff, which is not important to tell you how enjoyable this movie was.

I found the first one a little dull, but still OK. However The Dark World just amazed me in every sense, from visuals to content. It was a pure enjoyment & I left cinema blown away. First of all, it has a lot action, all happens so fast and dynamically that sometimes it is hard to keep up. Thor has everything it is made for: awesome special effects, spectacular views, tense and interesting story and Loki. 

Every character and each actor assigned to them is great, they all have their moments to shine, some have more, some have less. It probably has one of the best casting for fantasy movie.

I am not a great fan of this Thor-Jane relationship, sometimes it makes me thick, but fortunately movie quickly skips their scenes. However, I found first half to be a little long story, I mean, it could be shorter and they could show more of action, fights and fires. The final battle scene between Thor and Malekith is epic. However, I'd admit that the funny parts of movie is a little irritating and distracting. For me, it could work better without them.

And yes, Thor: The Dark World has this year's best final scene in movies. It will surprise you.


  1. Glad you liked the movie! I'm a big fan of humor in Marvel films so it didn't bother me here. The final scene was indeed awesome!

  2. Maybe it was irritating because laughs lasted for ten minutes after each joke in the cinema :D