TV Series: Will & Grace [1998-2006]

Will & Grace is one of the series I've already recommended to watch. But I think I want to dedicate a full post to this very entertaining and hereafter one of my favorite TV-Show. 27 Golden Globe nominee, multiple Primetime Emmy winner show tells a story of Will Truman - a gay New York lawyer - and Grace Adler - straight interior designer, who's been best friends for ages and even at their early thirties they live together. This actually means that they mostly are single, with maximum relationship duration couple of months. First episodes of show escalate after Grace dumping her "longtime" boyfriend just before wedding and moving to Will's house. And here starts the story.

Will and Grace are two different persons with shared characters, lives and interests. They are totally supportive to each other, never date men if without approval and don't even think to get married. They enjoy being together. And yes, they are perfect in playing Taboo against any opponent.

Grace and Jack
Will has a gay friend Jack - a hilarious, light-minded but very kind guy, who has never worked, is not willing to work and is alive because Truman wants to. He actually is never into serious relationship with guys and dates any men who looks hot to him. I really love his character because of very sincere and funny jokes, very easy to understand and real humor. 

Grace has an assistant - Karen Walker -  a middle age millionaire lady, who has no idea of assistant's job and never does anything in the office, except manicure. As she says, she likes to "work" with Adler, since she stays sociable. Accordingly, Grace has to do things herself, the only thing she gets from Karen is harsh jokes about her dress and/or hair.

Walker is the funniest character on the show, because of some reasons. First is her squeezy voice that always sounds funny and her jokes about everything around her, actually made me laugh tears. She is alcoholic and married to multimillionaire Stanley (nobody has idea who he is).

Without telling every possible spoiler or joke, I must admit that Will & Grace is one of my top comedy series of all time, following Friends and Modern Family. Frankly speaking, there are a lot show with more descent, exquisite humor, that even makes you laugh harder, but this show has something that I appropriate most - characters with whom I fell in love immediately (and maybe every person watching this show). Written by real life gay writer, every situation seemed more real to me.

Each story is beautifully written. I personally never got bored. Every season was a new adventure learning more and more things about characters. Will & Grace is a very dynamic show bringing 20 minutes (this is how long each episode lasts) of enjoyment.
Casting director, whoever it was, did a brilliant job bringing Debra Messing (Grace), Eric McCormack (Will), Megan Mullally (Karen) and Sean Hayes (Jack) together. Megan, who has never been an actress before, is outstanding and probably the best part of the show, leaving behind the rest of cast. However, I shall admit that each of them and including guest actors are superb, their acting is what makes this show very special to me.
Having said all these, I totally make a recommendation of watching this. I promise that you will have a good time with those folk, if you have any interest in a little old comedies, or if you already love Friends or any old sit com.

If you have watched this, please, share you thoughts. I'd be happy to find other fans. 

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