Movie Review: Star Trek Into Darkness [2013]

I've never thought I'd love Star Trek, especially with so much Hollywood happy ending.

I had such an anticipation for Star Trek Into Darkness the whole year, that I could most likely be disappointed after seeing it. Especially, when I am not a huge fan of sci-fi, unless they are scary. But my faith in J.J. Abrams totally restored last night. I saw the movie I wanted to see - a great action, catchy story and brilliant cast. 

Movie starts with USS Enterprise mission of rescuing endangered species from an active volcano. However, Captain Kirk's effort to save Spock's life at any price compromises the mission and nearly gets him booted from Starfleet. He could have been, if not a new villain that threatened safety and piece not only on Earth but in whole Galaxy. After attack at Starfleet HQ and killing Captain Spike, the Earth sends Enterprise to bring criminal to justice. Accordingly Kirk is still on board heading to uninhabited dark planet, where Khan (Benedict Cumberbatch) is suppose to be.

Star Trek Into Darkness was a little better than Star Trek in some cases, which mostly includes plot twists and acting. Visuals and specials are mostly as awesome, as it has been.
Am I the only one who's eyes bleed watching this blurry red grass? 
The story is great. I mean it tells a story that can be easily watched and sticks you at the screen, does not get boring and has surprising twist. I found the whole writing things very logic and really well thought. Dialogues are not mostly lame and sometimes they are even funny, not hilarious but light humor always works.

If the Academy really decides to add an casting Oscar, I want it for Star Trek casting director. All actors are not A list ones, but they exactly fit the role they are assigned to. I've believed that my favorite Zachary Quinto is the best choice for being an alien-human Spock and there can't be better choice instead. His great performance is accompanied by Chris Pine and Simon Pegg, who both are awesome doing their job. The rest of cast is just as good as the film intends to.

But Bennedict Cumberbatch is the best part of whole movie. He as a human weapon Khan, who comes back to Earth for revenge, is outstanding. Every minute of him is perfection of emotions, self control, mimics and exploration of character. Maybe this shall not be surprising for fans of Sherlock, but a performance of this caliber is not quite common in sci-fi.
J.J. Abrams as a director managed to combine a fantasy, heart pumping and emotional moments. Star Trek into Darkness is perfectly assembled film in terms of great visuals, sound effects, cinematography or editing and an interesting adventure story. It's not always easy to successfully united all these in one movie. 

The ending can be predictable and nothing special. The bad guys dies, good guys stay alive. But during the very last minutes I understood that Spock saving Kirk was greatest twist and moral lesson in whole Star Trek. It has been a matter of debates whether Quinto's character is more human or alien -  he mostly chooses to be alien, but this can be the most human thing anybody can ever do. I personally consider Spock to be best character in franchise, who I am rediscovering in every & each movie. You know, he is interesting. 
As for the Oscar chances, I believe it get a Makeup, Visual Effects and Sound Editing nominations. It also can fight for Sound Mixing and Editing. (the last one is fairly possible). Makeup team has new achievement in designing new looks for new kind of aliens and all they are impressive. So Into Darkness can win just like first installment. 

All in all, Star Trek Into Darkness is one of the best sci-fi movie I've seen and this years most highly recommended, so far. 


  1. For me, this was one of the best blockbusters of the summer. It never lost me, and always kept bringing out more action, more fun, and more excitement to get me more involved. Good review.

  2. Thanks Dan. I totally agree. It was enjoyable a lot.