Movie Review: Identity Thief [2013]

I just watched Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy amazing duo film Identity Thief, which was nice to see, averagely hilarious comedy film of 2013.

Movie is about a man with unisex (that's how he calls it) name Sandy Patterson (Bateman) and Diana (McCarthy) who steals other people's identities to live the way she always wanted. One day she calls Sandy as a social worker and due to the security purposes asks for his social security number, full date of birth and name. As she sounds very confident Patterson gives all the requested information and Diana get BINGO. 

But everything goes wrong when she is caught by police for disturbing public order in Miami and police warrant goes to real Patterson to Denver. Than he learns about missing thousands of dollars from his bank account and the same time loses job. Since Colorado police dept has not jurisdiction over the crimes in Florida, real Sandy travels to bring fake Sandy to his hometown to prove his innocence. 

And story begins here, however I'm not going to tell this...

What I want to say is that  Melissa McCarthy is amazing, she is brilliant in every comedy. Her character is funny person with dramatic life, she's supposed to be a guilty but somehow manages to make you love Diana and support her. There is a moment in a car, when Jason drives her to Denver and she sings every single song on radio so naturally that I was like "WoW".
Jason Bateman is above average, his character is nothing special and actually it did not require great acting capabilities. And Eric Stonestreet (of Modern Family) had a little episode role and he was good. Just the fact of his appearance made me feel awesome.

Rest parts of film is OK. Screenplay is good enough to bring cheeky smile on the face but it does not go further than that, except couple of hilarious moments. The movie itself is not worth for DVD purchase, so you might check out some cheaper options.



  1. Good review. At the end of the day, it is not the two leads that let this movie down, it is the material itself, which unfortunately causes the movie to be a slight rental recommendation at best.

  2. I agree with you Dan, the best parts of this movie are two lead performances and nothing more.