Jul 17, 2013

TV Series: Dexter 08x03 - What's Eating Dexter Morgan?

I know it seems weird to rate all three episodes with 10. But I can't do it in other way, the show is definitely getting better and better. Each series bring us closer to a very logic, not happily ever after ending.

Dex and Dr. Vogel continue chasing the mysterious killer from Vogel's past, who know sends "gifts" to both of them.

But there is something more important happening in What's Eating Dexter Morgan? It continues to explore each character in different ways. Quinn who always looked like lady-lover hunk, seems to be rational and trustful friend to Debra. He actually saves the whole plot. To spoil furthermore, he will be involved in Debra-Dexter-Vogel secret relationship for the whole season and he can be future La Guerta.

Debra is going bad. She is alcohol addicted, suffering from what she has done and decides to confess. It's a great dramatic episode for her because she fights against herself - remembering what she used to be before killing Maria and what she has become. That's why Deb decides to bring everything to the end, despite a great love to her brother.

I am almost sure that Jennifer Carpenter will have brilliant award season next year. She is a bright candidate for drama supporting actress race, having whole package to be a winner: alcoholic, suffering ex-cop, emotionally unstable and the one fighting against her own moral standards. Critics gonna love it.

Dexter is trapped. He swore never to hurt sister. The code clearly forbids to kill innocent and this has always been a MUST rule for him. But now Vogel assures him that rule of Never Be Caught is number one rule. Dex is confused. He has to choose sister or his own safety which directly affects son Harrison. This dilemma makes character very interesting because he has never faced such problems before, since killing is not way out.

Evelyn gains more control on Dexter since she is the only person who can "read" him. Dexter starts realizing that she is the only person capable of helping him and keeping the secret. The same time, Vogel convinces him that Dex is perfect as serial killer and he must not doubt in his powers. This is what Morgan need at this point of his life - self-confidence to continue killing serial killers.
What's Eating Dexter Morgan? gives a hope to very tense future 9 episodes. For this reason I consider it to be the better then previous one.

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