Sep 14, 2012

Movie Review: Two Snow Whites

This year was simply year of adaptations and Brothers Grimm. Two directors Tarsem Singh and Rupret Sanders took us in a spectacular journey alongside Snow White. I was there and I'm gonna tell you how I felt about them.

First of all, Mirror Mirror is more a comedy than an evil-queen drama and Snow White and a Huntsman is thriller genre epic movie. The first one, made by Indian director (Tarsem), mostly looks like an Indian musical  - dances, music is so typical but the second one, directed by new commer Rupert is more Hollywood made picture foreseeing visual effects and plot development.

Mirror Mirror is a nice comedy - easy, beautiful, somehow light film which sometimes makes you laugh. Julia Roberts is as high as always. She's played a queen no one had done before: evil, funny, natural. When I was a kid I've read that tale, actually my mom read and I imagined the Queen as the most cruel one ever. But I also like the funny sides. I believe this movie is more about the Queen itself than about Snow White (that's why director changed its title).

Writers have not changed much in the original version except that after death of Queen Snow Whites father comes alive. But I felt comfortable with that also. I liked the costumes which is one of the most bright sides of this movie so far. They look just exactly the way they should - a piece of fantasy tale. (So I predict an Academy Award for Best Costume Design). Directing was OK. There is nothing special any director could do with this kind of movie. Visual effects are also quite well done foreseeing dwarfs (which are not dwarfs actually) and some special effects. 

Still there are some cheezy moments adopted from different fantasy stories that don't fit well this movie, in my humble opinion, because those adaptations don't make Mirror Mirror more spectacular comedy or whatever it is.

But Julia Roberts is simply amazing. She's never played a villain before and neither did now. Julia's Queen looks more fool, light-minded man lover than bloody tyrant. She hates Snow White because she can get hotter men and she wants eternal beauty to pick up some gorgeous guys  easily. :) 

Averagely I liked this movie. I didn't regret to spend time watching it.

Snow White and a Huntsman is more creative feature film. It seemed director has really thought about changing something and he did. He tells us a different story with love triangle (non childish part of the movie) and visually stunning scenes. 

Charlize Theron's Queen is really evil and beautiful. She's more close to original one - a real magician.She is not men-addicted but still wants to be young forever. 

I loved the productions design and cinematography of the film. Still it's not the best this year but it helped a lot to get pleasure watching movie. Those all technical stuff were pretty much precise to what it ought to be. 

This Snow White is not less enjoyable than the previous. But a little bit boring in the middle when Snow White's wandering in the woods with Huntsman who falls in love with her. The movie takes total 2 hours and I think 1 and a half could be enough to tell the same story. 

And finally the main characters Snow Whites (both) played by Lily Collins and Kristen Stewart respectively. First one I did not like very much, not that beautiful she should be and did not play that well. Kristen was pretty good. Actually I hated her for Twilight but now I like. She was not perfect Snow White but definitely better than Lily. 

But the most weird thing is that according to the tale, Snow White is more beautiful than Evil Queen that's why she's jealous of step daughter. But in both movies Queens were much more gorgeous, good looking, beautiful, amazing and I did not get the idea why Julia should be envy of Lily or Charlize of Kristen? That is kinda of directing fail I think.



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