Sep 10, 2012

Movie Review: Moonrise Kingdom (2012)

Most of Wes Anderson's movies are very clever, so clever that mainstream movie goers do not understand him. Writer of the Royal Tenenbaums and director of Fantastic Mr. Fox makes another simple and very fascinating picture about two young lovers.

Suzy and Sam are 12. They love each other but Sam is a Scout, living in the camp and Suzy is a daughter of sever parents. So they escape, from everywhere and from everyone, try to go very far far away. Unfortunately they live on the island and there is no much to go. 

I loved the idea, the way writers wrote and director screened it.Both writers (Wes and Roman) have done an amazing job by showing originality of true love through the eyes of 12 year old adults. The movie is smart, quick, fresh, the dialogues between beloved children are so much real that I felt like watching some my neighbor kids talking.

But in the end, I recognized that the movie is not about children, or childhood. This is about memories, how we'll remember our very early years when we're over 40s, it's about what we gonna see or feel when our memories evoke. That's because both writers (who actually are over their 40s) wrote about their childhood thoughts.So, Moonrise Kingdom is different from other movies as it's very honest, emotional and mostly concentrates on real life than on arts. It's something that came from the hearts of screenplay writers and shaped in the very sincere way.

Also, every scene in this movie is spectacular. Can't even imagine how this beautiful world was born in Wes's mind. The island itself is perfect and helps pretty much to tell the story. If anyone has dreamed about adventures and virtual worlds this one could be exact match - another childish memory. 

At last, I think this movie is totally different from other Wes Anderson's movies. Unlike the Royal Tenenbaums, the story-line is simpler, more easy-watching and fun. Director makes you love every character , every piece of the film and grabs you back to old times. When you finish watching it, I bet you gonna be smiling and that could be most emotional smile so far.

My Predictions for the Movie:

Best Original Screenplay (Nominated)
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