Sep 12, 2012

Movie Review: ATM (2012)

I'm a great fan of Horror films. I love a dark room, me sitting in, silence and a little bit fear. Last night I decided to watch ATM - quite modern horror directed by David Brooks (have never heard before). The trailer looked promising, but...
Two boys and a girl are trapped in ATM cabin by the mysterious stranger. A man in the black coat, without face kills a policeman and an innocent citizen in presence of three witnesses and the hunting begins. They fail in every attempt to run out of the cabin, drive the car or call the police. -5F freeze makes their survival more impossible.
**end of the spoiler**
I see this movie very illogical. First of all, why should three people be afraid of one unarmed man staring on them? I guess it's quite creepy but not that much scary. The moment they see a stranger, decide to stay inside the ATM and they start to being afraid without any reason and now guess none of those two men try to go back to car. This is not the only fall out of logic.

Three co-workers park their car 45 meter from ATM even though it was freezing and they had to walk to get there. I don't know why writer decided that it's bad idea to park a car right in front of the cabin. There is a scene when water floods inside the cabin and they are all gonna die but no one tries to open a door and save themselves.

And finally, the most irritating thing: we don't know who the killer is and why he kills. I felt like the director/writer laughed at me because I've spent an hour and a half watching this shit. I found the film one of the most lame horrors ever seen, made or produced. I'm so disappointed.

Alike the script, there is nothing good to say about acting. All three major characters are new comers and they look like new comers and I believe if they assign themselves to this kind of movies all the time, they always will be new comers.

P.S. If you have seen a trailer, don't watch the film because you've seen more than 90% of the real plot. But if you have not seen it, just skip.




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