Sep 20, 2012

Movie Review: The Cabin in the Woods (2011)

The Cabin in the Woods is directed by Drew Goddard - a producer of  Lost 22 episodes and co-producer of well-known Alias. Well, Lost is a cult, one of the bests in it's genre, most inducing TV-series produced lately. Alias was an iconic spy-show for me. So, the Cabin in the Woods ought to be remarkable horror I would not regret watching it.

I was right. I liked it as horror movie, I liked it's logical setup of screenwriting. It was spectacular. Let me get through it more precisely.

The thing most horror films lack of is logic. I don't enjoy very much when I finish watching the film and can't get any idea why the villain kills that much innocent people without any premise. But by the end of the Cabin in the Woods the real reasons of assassinations come out and you get quite clearly what was going on during the film. 

As you find out the real motive of brutal murders then you guess that couple of unlucky teenagers are not the only ones in danger but there is something more shocking taking place out there. During the first minutes of the movie "You think you know the story..." but actually you don't and that's what you gonna love as you get to the end. 

I liked the actors. Richard Jenkins and Bradley Whitford have an amazing chemistry together making the movie a little bit funny and easy-watching. Also Thor Chris Hemsworth made a nice try of playing charming victim dying while trying to survive. Most of actors gave a clichéd horror character performances but still played not badly.

Finally, I pretend this movie as a great work of Goddard as a director teamed up with Joss Whedon an Oscar nominated writer of Toy Story. This facts make the Cabin in the Woods something special you won't regret to walk into. 

I does not look like me rating a horror genre picture with 8 points out of 10 but this movie is worth of it.




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