the Road to Oscars: What Golden Globes say?

We already witnessed the results of 70th Annual Golden Globe awards.Some nominees were predictable, the others totally not predictable but all in all it shows general trend of this award season.

The surprise part:

Tom Hooper was snubbed in Best Director race and Quentin Tarantino got place instead. Does this really mean that Les Miserables was not that good as we all expected, or as good as we all have read after early screenings? For now, it is hard to discuss as long yet this is an unseen movie and for more than one week it will be hard to fairly discuss. However, I still believe that those early emotions and wows from critics/editors and bloggers were not something too overrated, accordingly there are still hopes for Hooper. Historically, Globe and Oscar winner directors are not suppose to match. Last year, Scorsese got HFPA award for Hugo however Michel Hazanavicious was honored with Oscar.

Beasts of Southern Wild has been lost. No single nomination. Quvenzhane Wallis is missed for the second time (also by SAG). Does it shorten her road to Oscars? Well, maybe she's got less chances however Academy loves young performers and almost never loses chance to honor them with nod.

The same time, it is first nomination for Rachel Weisz this season which shall not be considered to be a great opportunity for Oscar nomination.

The It-Is-OK part:

Christoph Waltz in supporting actor race (for Django Unchained) was not very much expected however his nod is not jaw-dropping news. He's not a shoo in Oscar nominee but probably it will take more easier for him than for Eddie Redmayne or Russel Crow (Les Miserables) or Matthew MacCaunaghey (Magic Mike).

Nicole Kidman boosts in supporting actress race leading over Ann Dowd of Compliance, Maggie Smith of The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and Samantha Bark of Les Miserables.

The We-All-Knew-It part:

Katheryn Bigelow is marching to Oscars once more with the "same" war-theme movie. Zero Dark Thirty is sure nominee of Best Picture, Director, Actress and Original Screenplay. Lincoln of Spielberg is now leading the predictions for Best Picture, giving better chances to Steven for winning his directing nod.

All in All, we have expectations, we predict. However it is totally possible to be more surprises on January 10, 2013 after announcing Academy Award nominees.

Golden Globe Nominations 2013

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