SAG Award Nominations: the Road to Oscars

Screen Actors Guild announced its nominees in both, Motion Picture and TV categories. Generally, these nominations speak a lot about the Roads to Oscars and Golden Globe, as long as they match each mostly.

This year's nominations are surprising, in every nomination you could find at leas one jaw-dropping name that totally messes Oscar predictions up.

Best Ensemble in a Motion Picture

Argo | Les Miserables | Lincoln | Silver Linings Playbook | Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

Probably the least surprising nominees, however I more imagined Moonrise Kingdom or Django Unchained instead of Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.

Best Actor in a Motion Picture

Bradley Cooper in `Silver Linings Playbook` | Daniel D. Lewis in `Lincoln` | John Hawkes in `The Sessions` | Hugh Jackman in `Les Miserables` | Danzel Washington in `Flight`

Bradley's nod looks like "Whaat?". He plays good however reviews did not promise much. It is hard to imagine him in best actor top five, especially when Joaquin Phoenix's incredible performance in The Master is missing.

Best Actress in a Motion Picture

Jessica Chastain in `Zero Dark Thirty` | Marion Cotillard in `Rust and Bone` | Jennifer Lawrence in `Silver Linings Playbook` | Helen Mirren in `Hitchcock` | Naomi Watts in `The Impossible`

Helen Mirren? Hitchcock got terrible reviews. Critics did not like it much. Yeah, Helen was maybe the best part of whole show, but where is Quvenzhane Wallis (in Beasts of Southern Wild), she delivers so much emotional and beautiful performance, that I can't imagine Academy would miss it. However, Naomi is getting closer to Oscar's top five, as long SAG is not the only giving her mention.

Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture

Alan Arkin in `Argo` | Javier Bardem in `Skyfall` | Robert De Niro in `Silver Linings Playbook` | Philip Seymour Hoffman in `The Master` | Tommy Lee Jones in `Lincoln`

Alan, Tommgy, Philip and Robert were predictable, however only few people hoped to see Javier here. He did not get much recognition from critics. I expected to see in top five Matthew McConaughey (in Magic Mike) or Eddie Redmayne or Russel Crow (in Les Miserables). Hard to say who will make the nominee list in January at Oscars, but obviously Bardem is already one of the candidates.

Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture

Anne Hathaway in `Les Miserables` | Helen Hunt in `The Sessions` | Maggie Smith in `The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel` | Nicole Kidman in `The Paperboy` | Sally Field in `Lincoln`

Smith and Kidman did not look like jump over Amy Adams in `The Master`or Samantha Barks in `Les Miserables`. Will they make the Oscar nominations? Hard to say, Golden Globes will definitely say.

What about you? Did you expect all this or not?


  1. The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel keeps infiltrating... I saw it in May and I honestly don't remember most of it.

    and Joaquin..geez..Hopefully, the January 10 list will be different.

  2. Yes, Marigold Hotel nomination was surprising. I think Joaquin more deserves nomination than Cooper. However, now Richard Gere is one of the front runners too