Nov 27, 2014

Movie Review: Interstellar [2014]

Unlike most of Christopher Nolan fans, I'm never freakishly excited about his upcoming films. Mostly because that he's not one of my favorites, even though I love most of his movies and second of all, I know that Chris can always think of something, I'd not adore that much. Interstellar was not an exception and I just went to theater having in mind whatever I've heard or read about it. 

Imagine the Earth on the edge of extinction, cataclysm and windy storms, that threatens lives of everyone and probably the generation we live with may be the last one. The only way out is to think of new home, where mankind can safely reside with all its species. Interstellar is a story of the voyage that aims saving our civilization and this journey takes place not only within the space, but minds of each character. It's a plain illustration of who we really are, what is our destiny (if there is any), if there is anything superficial than human mind and what is beyond the space we see.

Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) is a farmer living with his two kids and father-in-law in the corn fields. He is an ex NASA astronaut, who's given up the job after the tragic incident and abolition of NASA itself. His ten year old daughter Murphy (Mackenzie Foy) believes that she's seeing ghosts in her room, who try to talk to her, to give some kind of signs but of course, nobody believes it. Until Cooper himself finds encrypted coordinates in the dust storm and gets to secret NASA base. Professor Brand (Michael Cane), who is the head of this secret mission, explains that the organization has been working on options to save humanity, by sending astronauts through a wormhole in another galaxies. Obviously, Cooper turns out to be a perfect candidacy as a pilot to save the world. While deciding to be the hero, his daughter Murphy is not that happy thinking of father gone for indefinite period of time, baring in mind that her "ghost"  urges to "STAY" on the earth. But who listens to kids!
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