Aug 26, 2013

TV Series: Dexter 08x09 - Make Your Own Kind of Music

Are We There Yet? made clear that Dexter did not actually kill "brain surgeon" and he or she is still alive. The same time, Zach Hamilton turns out not to be a killer of those he was accused, on the contrary this young psychopath learned literally everything from Morgan and therefore followed the code. (I still can't get over his death)

Make Your Own Kind of Music is more relaxing episode, it does not suggest some important plot twists, but it explores many new things we might be guessing and did not believe. This episode takes look at three major points: Hannah & Dexter further relationship, "brain surgeon case"/Cassie's murder and Debra.

In Are We There Yet Dexter asked Hannah to stay to move forward together and she happily accepted the invitation. But this is never going to be easy, since Hannah is already chased by FBI. Dexter decides to take care of it himself, alongside many other problems he's to deal with. Dr. Vogel, as always, genuinely questions his ability to succeed anymore. He literally is starting to be human. As a fan of cold blood serial killer, I don't enjoy this much, but on the other hand, he seems more real now. 

Some may think that Dexter falling in love with Hannah just ruins his character as an example of perfection. Yes, maybe. But this is exactly how things end. Morgans has always been perfect killer, no one could ever catch him, because he does not simply make mistakes. If we want this show to end, he MUST make mistakes and the only way to do so is Hannah - a distraction from perfection. I believe writers did a great job to bring her back to his life, this will definitely lead to very logical, dramatic and perfect finale.
In this episode Dex successfully chases "brain surgeon", but there is someone who keeps him from killing him and this is Dr. Vogel. When I watched the previous episode, I was sure that the killer was Evelyn, but I was wrong, there is much more truth behind this story and I bet it will explode in a bad way for Morgan.

Debra is thinking of moving back to Miami Metro, she starts helping Quinn in Cassie's case. However she has not made her mind yet, but I am pretty sure, we'll see the old Deb.

This episode was interesting in terms of opening some secret holes for the next ones, which I really hope are going to be massively jaw-dropping and surprising. 



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