Nov 20, 2012

TV Series: Dexter, Arrow, Modern Family, Revenge

As for today, probably TV-Series take more of my time than films. But it's OK, as long as the best seasons of my favorite shows are running. The fact that I watch them, already means I like them. But let me share couple of words:

Love Defies Reason
I wrote a post about the 7th season premiere, where I doubted that it could be not as good season as most of fans and I wished to. But I was wrong and I'm happy. I believe Dexter is the best show running currently on TV. This season tells most shocking stories with lots of passion and surprises. Everything going in previous seasons result in particular way and form in this season. I guess Michael C. Hall is going to another Golden Globe nomination next year. He makes brilliant Dexter  a real serial killer and now a man in love with another serial killer.

The first season of the show about new superhero - Green Arrow premiered this year. Stephen Amell is handsome, billionaire and educated Robin Hood, literally, he wears the hood. The show is somewhere in the middle of nice and good. I watch every new episode, enjoy but it's not like making me attached to the screen.

Amell could be better superhero. He has the whole package in terms of physical resources, the character itself is pretty heroic but Stephen's performance is something I'd love to make better. He should make the spectaculars love his hero but I kind of think it's on the contrary. But I don't like the idea of arrow armed superhero in XXI century, that is less real, and too lame. 

However I will continue watching the show, there are lots of things I want to find out.

The fourth season of Modern Family is definitely the most hilarious one. I've enjoyed watching every episode, laughing loud. Gloria is pregnant and she's become more sensitive, passionate and explosive - a definite Colombian character. Haley went to college and then she was kicked out, Mitchell and Cameron are raising their own child. Phil and Claire still are the funniest parents on the net so far. 

I started to watch Revenge after the big Twitter buzz. I expected something very different, really smashing. But the first two series did not impressed much. The actors are OK. They act just like average soap opera heroes  but potentially, the plot of the series is pretty good. I loved first 10 minutes, but got bored later.

I'll still try to find time and watch it. Maybe I'm missing the most important part.

So, which series is up your mind currently?



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