Nov 20, 2012

Movie Review: Sinister (2012)

Could not imagine Ethan Hawke in horror movies, I thought he was more romantic drama type. Well, he did well and I liked the movie itself. 

Sinister tells a story of a true-crime writer Ellison (Hawke) who moves to the house of last victims. He wants to write a bestseller and puts lots of effort in it.   Ellison accidentally finds 8mm "snuff" films on the garret of new house and opens terrible truth about other 3 family murders throughout the country. The more he learns about those crimes, the more he wants to write and the less safe his family feels in their new home.

Averagely, I liked the movie. It is a good horror one, sometimes I had to close my eyes, sometimes it was scary. I've to admit that the story developed pretty quickly, it does not made me tired, bored and I did not even want to forward it. But though the end was too predictable, because every horror movie ends with the death of the characters.

Ethan's performance as alcoholic writer, who goes crazy for his book, is pretty good. He looks nerdy enough for a book author and dramatic - for alcoholic. His frustrated and scared scenes are almost perfect and his emotions are so much powerful that makes you feel the dreadful fear of character. Hawkes made brilliant debut in horror movies.

Juliet Rylance plays Ellison's wife Tracy, that could be one of the best female performances in horror movies. And the kids playing their children are also worth to be mentioned.

Director Scott Derrickson shall be honored for this directing work. I still love The Day the Earth Stood Still (another Scott's movie) but this one is a bit better. Even technical stuff is more than OK, except editing. I found film editing terrible, especially at the ending part of the movie. I guess it would be far more better movie without such mistakes.

So, I can list this movie as highly recommended for this genre fans and just recommended for those, who just want to spend some time at TV (or PC), who find Hawke handsome and who believe that he played outstandingly.




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