Sep 20, 2012

Movie Review: A Good Year (2006)

A Ridley Scott's one of the best non-action film adaptation. A Good Year is a romantic comedy screened according to Peter Mayle's book, starring Russel Crow, Albert Finney and Marion Cotillard.
The film tell a story of British investment broker Max Skinner(Crow) who visits France to sell an uncle's chateau and vineyard where he spent most of his childhood. He plans to rid of the old memories and get back to London shortly. But something changes in his life when he faces his past and people he used to know.
**End of the Spoiler**
This is a delightful love story and comedy about something very personal problems any person is supposed to face some time. The acting part of the movie is perfect. Russel gives sensitive, confident, charming performance transforming from callous millionaire to loving family guy. This is not a play for Oscars or any of other awards, it seems Crow played just for himself and Scott shoot the film for his own pleasure.

Albert Finney portraits Max's deceased uncle in the best way anyone could imagine and Marion is just like a real French woman - beautiful and passionate.

But there is still something I don't agree with the screenwriter and probably with the author of the book. Max Skinner is a materialist, ruthless millionaire who treats his co-workers as experimental animals and destroys it's every rival. But suddenly he massively changes, money does not mean everything to him, he almost bankruptcies his company and stays in France. Well, that's probably good by not realistic. In the middle I felt like I've switched to a different movie. I would more appreciate all this without total happy-endings. It would work more effectively.

But averagely it is really nice comedy to see. Probably you'll watch it even twice or three times.




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