Jan 11, 2015

Top 10 Trailers of 2014

Trailers are one of my most favorite movie experiences. They can create a huge buzz before the movie is out - they can either make you watch or not watch the film. Every year, I watch more trailers than actual films and I find it extremely entertaining. For me, a good trailer is the one giving interesting hints about film, with some outstanding music and good scenes. However, it is always important that it did not give any major spoilers regarding the plot twists in film. 

From my personal experience, some of my top trailers turn into my favorite movies of the corresponding year. The same applies this year and after I conduct my Top Ten Films, you'll see how similar they can be. 

I also believe that making a good trailer is not as easy work as it sounds. Because, here a director should choose very specific and limited number of scenes to make future viewers interested. And this is exactly how I chose my Top 10 Trailers of 2014, those who made my really want to watch a specific film. So, here they are:


It somehow happened that I have not watched Pitch Perfect and a while ago I saw this trailer and it actually made me to watch the even first installment. It's a very well assembled preview, with some good scenes of Rebel Wilson and funny jokes. The scene where Elizabeth Banks say "they hate us, the whole world hate is" is just hilarious. 


Not a big fan of fairy tales, but this trailer got my attentions, mostly because of beautiful production design, great music and Helena Bonham Carter's voice saying "that's better". It also has Cate Blanchette and John Swon. I actually can't wait for this film this year. 


I am a big fan of Jurassic series. But man, this trailer is great, with amazing editing, music, Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard. Without spoiling much, it gives some good scenes from films, with views on new park and it's inhabitants. Jurassic World is going to be in my "can't wait list" for next year.


This trailer is amazing mostly because of two reasons: Jim Parson's voice as "Oh" and really funny jokes, mostly about this little cute alien. I have watched this trailer couple of times, or more and I find it very enjoying. 


You will not guess how good this trailer is until you watch the film. Itself Theory of Everything is not as exciting as it might seem, but this preview has some beautiful shots and drama moments picked up, telling a story in general, but not really "spoiling" all it. With brilliant score and cinematography, it grabs you attention and clearly demonstrates brilliant acting by both leads.


So, basically the reason I set down for Noah is this trailer, which has extraordinarily crazy shots, especially those where animals go into arc, good music by Audiomachine and some interesting line from the film. I wished the actual movie was as good as it is.


I remember when I saw first teaser, I got excited. That flight scene was just enough to be too amazed by this sequel. But this trailer is a lot more epic. Even though spoiling that Hiccup's mom is alive, it still has this "omg, this is going to be so good". Most importantly, How To Train Your Dragon 2 was as good as the trailer itself, it never disappointed me. 


The trailer opens with two beautiful shots on after bombing city and then it all gets better. It gives the drama, which actually accompanies the whole film and picks some good scenes from the movie, including the one where Turing's machine starts working. And all these are shown with Alexander Desplat's amazing score.


Angelina Jolie's directing debut looked so strong after the first trailer was released. It had literally everything: a war story, good effects, music, some nice shots, very well assembled scenes, perfect editing. The trailer totally sells movie. Especially the scene, where all prisoners hit Louie in the face is superbly edited in trailer. I just wished I could say the same about the film itself.


Not a big surprise. This trailer of Gone Girl is a pure perfection. It keeps all suspense, never gives an actual hint and it stays mystery from the beginning to the end. The scenes are edited as it tells that Amy was killed by her husband but still there are some questions too. I saw this trailer a long time ago and that's when I decided to read the book and then watch the film. I've not stopped rewatching either trailer or the movie. 

And of course, Rosamund Pike's voice over is the most haunting thing this year. You shall just listen to it.

Which trailers do you remember most this year?

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At Jan 11, 2015, 9:43:00 PM , Anonymous Sati said...

Cool list! I really like 'countdown' tv spot for Interstellar, this might have been most thrilling than most of that movie

At Jan 11, 2015, 11:50:00 PM , Anonymous Nika said...

Thanks! Yeah, good choice, however I more prefer full trailers, that kind of tells a part of whole stroy

At Jan 13, 2015, 3:49:00 AM , Anonymous Alex Withrow said...

Loved that Gone Girl trailer. I agree, pure perfection. Fincher's trailers always rock.

At Jan 13, 2015, 9:51:00 AM , Anonymous Nika said...

Great that we agree!


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