Jan 12, 2015

The shockers of Golden Globes and why it messed up Oscar predictions

The only win everyone got correct: Boyhood wins Drama Film
No matter what you predicted, you'd not get anything right, unless you predicted something really crazy. But it's mostly about TV categories, where The Affair, Transparent and Fargo were major winners, also awarding Matt Bomer in TV Supp. Actor nomination and Maggie Gyllenhall for The Honorable Woman.

When it came about Motion Picture category, we all thought there would no more surprises, but wrong, again!

But, before the discussion about winners, let me say couple of words about ceremony, which was not funny at all and especially compared to last two year, where Tina Fey and Amy Poehler shined on the stage. This year, I barely saw them on the stage, not even complaining about their "I dare you laugh, bitches" jokes. Every enjoyable moment was killed either by Katherine Heigl's wrong humor or Julianne Margulies's weird appraisal speech about George Clooney.

Even though I did not watch the red carpet, I've saw a number of celebrity fashion and man, Emma Stone was the best dressed lady up there. She was uniquely well styled and comfortably dressed. I have to admit that Amal Alamuddin Clooney looked gorgeous and if George has been waiting for her for 53 years, it was worth it. 

Jessica Chanstain, my redhead queen, looked flawless as always, so did Jennifer Lopez and Kate Hudson.

Unfortunately, the better actress Rosamund Pike is, the worse taste she got. Her dress gave an impression as it tried to escape from Pike's body. Not cool, lady. 
Now, let's move to winners!

My favorite shocker was How To Train Your Dragon 2 winning Best Animated Feature nomination. Even though everyone praises The Lego Movie, because "it's very original and funny", but not really, I've been hoping that HTTYD2 pulls off, because dragons are cool and it was a masterful sequel. This win changes respective Oscar race a lot. 6 Out of 8 Golden Globe winners also claimed Oscar, one (Cars) got nominated and one did not make it cut (The Adventures of Tintin). 

Talking about suprises? What about The Grand Budapest Hotel winning over Birdman in musical/comedy nomination? I am sure no one expected it, because even though Birdman is not laugh out loud comedy, it was phenomenal. Well, seems HFPA prefers real, funny comedies and I am not against it, both films are one of my favorites this year. Even I have a hard time to choose between them. So what exactly it means for Oscars? In fact, the main competition at Academy Awards is between Drama and Comedy winners, so it makes The Grand Budapest a frontrunner and gives Boyhood even more priority to its main contender Birdman. Because, I still believe Wes Anderson's masterpiece is not going to be this years Best Picture, they just won't make it happen. 

On the other hand, Birdman wins Best Screenplay, which might mean Best Original Screenplay at Oscars and correspondingly, Boyhood has no writing victory. The last Best Picture without win in writing category was The Artist, but it had a huge support throughout the branches. While Boyhood seems like to get 6 noms: Picture, Directing, Writing, Supporting Actress/Actor, editing. Technical branches will more support Birdman, which can sweep a lot creative nominations, including cinematography. 

Amy Adams also won Best Comedy/Musical actress, beating HFPA's favorite Emily Blunt. It might mean that she is a dark horse in best actress category. Well, there Moore and Pike are shoo-ins, and we might see Aniston out of race, cause her film might not get wide acknowledgement throughout actors branch.

Globes narrowed down Best Actor competition between Michael Keaton and Eddie Redmayne. I honestly think that there still is a spot for Benedict Cumberbatch, who had the most sensational performance this year, but I highly doubt that it's Keaton's year.

It turns out, Ida (Poland) is not that big shoo-in foreign language film winner. Russian Leviathan just beat them all. Even though, Academy and HFPA winners in this category do not necessarily match, it may still mean that Polish black and white drama is not that welcomed. But who knows.

We'll know all these for sure, when the Academy announces its nominees live on January 15.

So, what are some of your favorite wins? well, except Birdman, I guess

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