Aug 19, 2013

TV Series: Dexter 08x08 - Are We There Yet?

Dexter is quietly going to its end. I don't know whether it's logical or good one, but it's the end. Hopefully, a lot interesting and intriguing things happen lately, so this might mean the most bad ass finale we've ever seen. Who knows!

Are We There Yet? suggest majors plot twists of this season, it questions everything we've believed so far and brings persons, we were forgetting, on the surface. Mostly this episode is about investigating of Cassie murder, Hannah and Dexter relationship and Debra's efforts to get rid of her as easily as possible. But there is even more happening in the end.

From previous episode, we remember that Zach is a major suspect in murders and Dex seems to be a lot disappointed, because he seemed to be liking him and the idea of being a mentor. We all thought that he deserved to be killed? Did he? Or just the writers tried to trick us? I've missed something before, Hamilton was so much fan of Morgan and he tried to be like him so hard that he would not kill anybody. It turns out that he started to follow the code by himself which is why he does not particularly fit the characteristics of Dex's victims.

Debra tries to negotiate with brother about making Hannah leave Miami, but she definitely knows that Dexter is too much into her and there is no point in doing this. That's why she's tracing them and asks Jacob for help to get McKay. However, Dexter really makes arrangements for Hannah to leave the country, giving her new documents - ID and cards, but it's not easy to turn them apart.
Psychopaths Dinner

Hannah meets Dr. Vogel, having a dinner of 4 psychopaths - Evelyn, Hannah, Dexter & Zach - making a perfect family. I guess Doctor really enjoyed having such an awkward company. She admits that the relationship between Morgan and McKay is not normal since both are not actually able to have feelings.

Debra has a dilemma of staying as a private investigator or go back to Miami Metro. This can change everything. I think, if she goes back she will definitely start a WAR against brother and his lover, because the only reason she'd like to be a policewoman again, is to do the right things, she always used to. This decision can complicated the plot pretty much.

Quinn continues to follow Zach. He is one hundred percent sure that this little boy murdered two women. His obsession does not really help in relationship with Jamie. There is what I thought, he might be with Debra by the end of the show, they fit each other so perfectly.Who knows?!

Hannah is leaving and she has a final kiss with Dexter, but we all know how it generally ends.
Pretty much, they do this all the time.
But the ending is brilliant. The last minutes of each episode this year is breathtaking and refreshing. But the thing that happened in Are We There Yet?! just made everything up&down - it actually meant that everything I (or we) believed in was just a lie and there is much worse truth hiding beneath the surface.



At Aug 19, 2013, 10:48:00 PM , Anonymous Bruno said...

Funny how Quinn is turning out to be Zach's Doakes.

At Aug 19, 2013, 11:55:00 PM , Anonymous Nika said...

yeah, right. But Zach's story ended differently :))

At Feb 14, 2015, 11:08:00 PM , Anonymous Bruno said...

Funny how Quinn is turning out to be Zach's Doakes.


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