Oct 4, 2012

Movie Review: A Single Man (2009)

A Single Man is a directing debut film for Tom Ford and the movie that brought Colin Firth to Oscars for the first time.

It tells a story of gay professor who lost his boyfriend of sixteen years in car accident. This whole film is about how George (Firth) tries to get his life in order before committing suicide. Along his way to death he meets people (particularly just one) who changes the flow of George's everyday life.

Professor George has tried to top himself many times but he is unsuccessful even in suicide.The only thing he's good at is teaching English, bringing up students, showing them the right way. In this movie Colin plays more than one person: a loser in social life, intelligent professor and a good friend. They all are different. He feels "single" all the time, because there is not even one person to support him except the only friend Charley (Juliana Moore) who is always drunk.

But there is a student, who seems invisible all the time but George can see him. This student called Kenny decides to save a professor and invites for a drink, once, two times, three times and finally gets his consent.

This is how a student-teacher love affair starts. New feelings change everything in both lives.

Not surprisingly Colin's performance is incredible. Sorry to Brokeback Mountain's fans, but he does better job than Jack&Heath together. Firth perfectly delivers the emotions of unemotional character and screams like an Oscar for "Best Actor".

Juliana is Juliana. This film reminded me her role in Boogie Nights with the same memorable acting.

And finally BRAVO to Tom Ford for directing a beautiful movie. Obviously he's used designing skills to amaze audience with brilliant cinematography and art direction. But the best part of the film is how it ends, realistically and unpredictably. Can't imagine better debut in film industry.

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