Oct 29, 2012

Movie Review: The Amazing Spider-Man (2012)

The Amazing Spider-Man grossed over 700 Million worldwide this year which is 100 Million less then the original Spider-Man (2002). This is probably the very clear sign which of those two has been favored by fans. 

The remake is little bit different from original one. The storyline develops around Peter Parker who has been seeking his parents since childhood. In previous version they are dead but now the movie does not clear up whether they're still alive or not. The only clue we've got is the reason of their disappearance, that is results of secret experiment held by Peter's dad.

Moving along, the greatest enemy turns out to be The Lizard - a co-worker and close friend of Peter's dad and unsuccessful hybrid of genetic experiment. I found this part of the movie too childish and less attractive.

What I Liked?

Well, Peter Parker/Spider Man itself. I have never loved Tobey Maguire as a hero. He was too nerdy even for playing nerdy student and too "stupid-looking" for being superhero. 

Andrew Garfield is better in all aspects including acting and the character itself. New Spider-Man is more average boy who's got problems in school but he's not totally a loser.

What I Did Not Like?

Andrew's character is much more irresponsible than Tobey's. New Parker would love to disappear with his girlfriend forever, forgetting about his superpowers. On the contrary, the old Spider-Man could take much on himself and even turned down Mary Jane's proposal about their relationship. 

Spider-Man has been an Academy Award nominee for technical nominations: Visual Effects (one win), Sound Editing, Sound Mixing and e.t.c. But this one is simply easily made, not creative fantasy film. That is what I expected at least however did not get any.

Do I recommend it?

Not for seeing in the cinema. You can get it on DVD or smth at home, or probably you should not watch it at all.




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