Oct 11, 2012

Longest Running TV Series

I have always believed that around 6 episodes is a normal length for TV Series not to become boring. But sometimes some of them make you grow up with them, live and die and they never lose their very first sparkle you loved during its first seasons. 

This post is dedicated to series that has been making history during the years and have breached the stereotype of long-running series to be tedious. Here is a list TV Series with most original episodes:

(Obviously, most of them are soap operas)

Airing Date: 1960 (52 years)
Episodes: 7,970

The show was aired in 1960 and still runs. During its 52 years 7970 original episodes has shown on TV. Originally Coronation Street is British series but since 2010 it has been widely adopted by numerous countries including United States. 

Just after screening very first episode the critics claimed the series to last maximum three weeks, but the show really draw viewers attention by its original and ordinary characters. Well, I see this show is popular even now.

Airing Date: 1951 (35 years)
End Date: 1986
Episodes: 8,671

The show was originally aired on CBS. The show was sponsored by Procter & Gamble. In 1967 it was transferred from Live Broadcast show to recorded telecast and last over and hour. Since 1980 it was shoot in Hong Kong and later in Jamaica. 

The last episodes was produced in Ireland as the story took place throughout the old Irish cities.

Airing Date: 1964
End Date: 1999 (35 years)
Episodes: 8,872

Another World was an NBC show produced by Procter & Gamble Productions since 1964. The show was set in fictional town Bay City and alongside various themes, it talked about abortion that was taboo in middle of XX century.

Airing  Date: 1973
End Date: Still Running (39th year)
Episodes: 10,006 

Premiered in 1973 on CBS is set in fictional Wisconsin town Genoa City. Originally it run a half and a hour long episodes five times a week. It is highest rated daytime drama as for today. The show won more than 200 awards which is not surprisingly many foreseeing the running period.

Airing Date: 1968
End Date: Still Running (44 years)
Episodes: 10,290

One Life to Live is the first soap opera ever to feature ethnically and socioeconomically diverse characters and inconstantly emphasize social issues. 

The last episode will be running in January 2013

Airing Date: 1970
End Date: 2011 (41 years)
Episodes: 10,712

The show features two most popular actors of soap opera history: Susan Lucci and Erica Kane. In 2011 ABC sold license to Prospect Park and the show ended but two month later they started negotiations to revive the series. 

The premiere date of new season is not known yet.

Airing Date: 1965
Ending Date: Still Running (47th year)
Episodes: 11,934

The show aired on NBC in 1965 and is still running. As for October 5 11,934 episodes have premiered. Due to 2013 12,000 episodes are planned to be aired. 

From the very beginning the show concentrates on two families Hortons and Bradys and nothing has changed during 47 year. 

Airing Date: 1963
Ending Date: Still Running (49th year)
Episodes: 12,662

General Hospital is longest running TV Series in production, it is currently airing on ABC. 

The show won 11 Emmys and other 215 awards. 

Airing Date: 1956
Ending Date: 2010 (54 years)
Episodes: 13,858

The second most episode TV Series of all time. It is a sister show of Guiding Lights (see below) produced in New York. It was the first television daytime drama with a 30-minute running time, all daytime dramas until then had had 15-minute running times.

Airing Date: 1952
Ending Date: 2009 (57 years)
Episodes: 18,262

World's longest running TV Series ever with the most number of episodes was initially aired on NBC and run with 2,500 episodes. Later it was transferred to CBS and its last 15,762nd episode premiered on September 18, 2009. 

The show also was broadcast via radio during 15 years before showing on TV which means that The Guiding Lights feature more than 19,000 episodes.

Personally, I have no idea who watched those soap operas during that many years but I can assume that they were pretty popular during their eras.

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