Oct 31, 2012

Game: 6° of Separation

Life Between Films came up with a brilliant idea: connect a pair of actors through their films. I decided to participate because I found it challenging and fun.

So, there are three options, or three pairs of actors. My choice would be   James Marsden & Danzel Washington.  At first, I considered it to be a long way through the different movies but somehow I made it short, if you wanna look at it, here we go:

1) James Marsden & Ryan Gosling in the Notebook.

They play kind of rivals in the teenage beloved heartbreaking drama. I've never liked the Notebook too much and I could give dozens of reasons for it.

Noah (Ryan) is a young man who fell in love with Allie and they were separated (as it always happens). As the years pass Allie finds Lon (James), a handsome soldier and decides to marry him forgetting long lost love. However we all know that all comes down to fate and ex-lovers meet again each other. 

The movie has a happy ending. But the point is that James and Ryan both star in this movie : )

2) Ryan Gosling & George Clooney in the Ides of March.

Last year, I was among few fans of this movie. I don't find political dramas very entertaining but most of them are good examples of successful film-making. George plays Governor Mike at the edge of presidential elections and Ryan - a brilliant worker of him in the communication field. The film itself tells a story of conscience and a fair competition - the most important values for politician alongside telling all the truth to voters. Stephen (Gosling) has lots of temptations and it seems hard to decide whether stay with Mike through the tough election process or start working with his rivals for better life.

3) George Clooney & Vera Farmiga in Up In the Air
Up in the Air is a story of a man who has get used to travel a travel without much fun, just for business. Ryan (George Clooney) is a corporate downsizing expert who spends most his time in the plain crossing the spaces above United States. It seems that he has no life on the ground expect some random and nonrandom sex partners he spends few ours with. Everything changes when he meets two women,  Natalie - his business partner who has to fly with Ryan all the time and Alex (Vera Farmiga) - a random girl from bar. Ryan starts 
accustom to both of them that leads him to rethink his ideas of perfect life.

4) Vera Farmiga & Denzel Washington in Safe House

And yeah, I came to the end. Safe House is totally fresh thriller casting big stars including Denzel and Vera (obviously), Ryan Raynolds, Brendan Gleeson and others.

This is pretty good action movie that is noticeable even from trailer, it makes you tied up to the screen, helps you to spend a good time and love the actors. Generaly they all are considered to be very good actors, however their performances  are not that charming as they ought to be. But the film plays its main role  - entertains you!

I hope I made an interesting and short journey through 4 different movies and finally connected James Marsden with Denzel Washington. I think the connection is quite short, surprisingly short actually. 



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