Oct 12, 2012

Dexter, Season 7 - A Rehab Era

Are you a serial Killer?
Dexter has changed, but not the character, the show itself. Season 7 is pretty much better than the previous ones. It is more tense that sticks me up with the screen easily. 

In the last episode of sixth season, Deb, Dexter's Sister and head of Miami Police Department, witnesses a murder committed by her brother and this is how new era for Dex starts. As long as Debra loves Dexter more than just a brother (!) she decides to keep this all in secret and help him recover by making the "killer" control. Dexter promises to do his best in changing himself, however he knows how impossible those promises are. Moving to Debra's house complicates murderer's aspirations to go for new victims, so he has to control the mind that thinks of the blood everyday.

The new season is about family ties. Dexter tries to put things in order, he loves sister in the best way he can, respects her and never wants to hurt but on the other hand, the code of Harry requires something more - punishment for criminals. Dex does not want to choose between those two - can't give up killings and does not want to push Deb away  from him. The only option is to lie and pretend everything to be OK.

In the first episode Deb was  shocked, she screamed, cried and swore making Dex's job harder to calm her down. In the second episode she becomes more friendly, addressing all her sisterhood skills towards brother's problems - she talks, gives advises, helps him to deal with pressure and understands. Dexter feels pretty comfortable with her but he sees all these to be temporary. So he starts working own plans out.

The initial way out is to cheat. Dexter gives Debra sleeping pills and goes out at nights in secret. But he does not kill and it seems he is changing or... gets ready for something more. We don't know yet but I am sure the best part is ahead.

I see the show moving aside to its logical end (which is season 8) as Dexter starts thinking of different versions of keeping his dark passenger inside him. Rehab could be most likable solution but impossible, running - that is not his type, killing himself? - no, probably. I could name many variations what I want to see in the very last episode, but... let's see what happens.

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