Oct 1, 2012

666 Park Avenue (2012)

Today I watched a season premiere of new TV Show 666 Park Avenue. This is horror-thriller, mystic genre TV Series about new co-managers of residential hotel and its other tenants.

Henry and Jane get a manager job at the hotel on Park Avenue. They seem to be lucky as they become a part of amazing community, luxury and owners of most fashionable apartment in New York. 

But even for the first day, everything looks quite weird. Jane starts to explore very dark parts of the hotel that can be a link to its dramatic history. She sees people who are supposed to be happy but they are not as they look like hiding extremely horrible secrets of their lives. The newcomers don't know yet that all their neighbors share the same secret and story and that they both are going to be a part of this story.

During the first series two of the residents die and they die badly. Jane witnesses one of the deaths but she's not aware of it as she pretends it to be a terrible dream. Each person lives in this hotel under certain circumstances and if they breach the contract their lives go wrong.

As for me, I liked this show. I love mystic TV Series that tell a story of dark secrets. Today I saw a well written episode with pretty good cast. It made me interested and attached. Can't wait till the next episode with is going to be aired on Oct. 7 2012.

Highly Recommended To Watch




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