Sep 21, 2012

Movie Review: Brave (2012)

Directed by: Mark Andrews and Brenda Chapman

Written by: Brenda Chapman (story) and Mark Andrews (screenplay)

Brave is a new Animated Feature from Pixar and probably this years the best. This is a story of rebel princess trying to changer her fate, to somehow escape from ill-fated life of future queen. So she rides to the very deep in forest and meets a witch asking to changer her mom. The witch makes princess wish come true but in the way that Merida could not imagine and would never wish. That's why she struggles to save beloved mother from the consequences of her own desires.

Brave is different from Pixar normal animations and Princess Merida is opposite of all well-known princesses in fairy tail history. She fights, she is funny (most princesses are boring and sad) and not that sweet as the rests. So the story is absolutely original and fascinating.

Last year, I thought Cars 2 was the edge of Pixar's creative works. Now I am sorry for that. Brave is visually stunning, beautifully pictured, spectacularly designed and well told story. I loved the landmarks of Scottish nature and I find the idea of "Scottish Story" just amazing.

On the other hand, screenwriting was perfect for animation with lots of dark and light jokes, funny moments and a little bit touching plot. Composers have done outstanding job by making original themes from Scottish national tunes because it helps to tell a story a lot.

"I'll be shooting for my own hand"
All in all Pixar has overwhelmed itself this year. They've made a showy, interesting and a very tasty animation about the persons who live inside every of us. But most of people out there are not that Brave to make themselves oppose the general order, their families and friends who don't understand them. Maybe someone could learn something...

P.S. OMG those redheads. If Princess Merida was not a fictional cartoon character, I'd probably had a crush on her.




At Dec 5, 2012, 1:01:00 PM , Anonymous tai game bigone said...

good movies, i want to watch it now

At Dec 5, 2012, 4:24:00 PM , Blogger Nika said...

Yes, it is brilliant animation. You've not seen it, you should do :)


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