Feb 11, 2015

Mixed thoughts on casting of Marvel's new Spider-Man

Some arguably good news hit the internet that The Spider-Man is brought to Marvel, which means we probably are not getting another boring installment of this very old superhero franchise. No, really people, it's like the 6th one. Just, please, don't call it The Amazing Spider-Man 3 - just drop any kind of adjective from its title.

The only news that could make it a definite "YAY" is that probably Logan Lerman will be Peter Parker. I am thrilled because I can watch ANY film just because of him (seriously, I watched Fury). Even though, it's not my original idea, I still take credit for naming Logan the best possible Spider-Man in history.

I also have some ideas, who might play other characters in franchise, so let's start:

Peter Parker - Logan Lerman
  • He is naturally shyawkward and nerdy. I mean have you watched any of his interviews? He is literally the shiest celebrity you can see on the screen
  • He is handsome enough to be beloved superhero
  • He is a great actor who can do emotional and action sequences equally well.
  • He has experience of similar films - Percy Jackson.
  • He is young and popular
  • He will look shirtless no less good compared to previous ones
  • One person can not play in two different franchises that probably are competitors. 

Mary Jane Watson - Felicity Jones
Surprise, right?

  • Her look is kinda Mary Jane-ish - a sweet, tender, beautiful girl
  • She is a good actress and can make some drama
  • All she has to do is to be a sweet young girl, falling in love. Felicity can do it
  • Too big name for Spider-Man movie right now.
  • I loved more ginger version of Watson

Benedict Cumberbatch as any villain
I'm not gonna explain it, but I think he will be brilliant evil mastermind, whoever they think of for the next spider-man. 

So, what's your thoughts about mystery of third Amazing Spider Man movie?

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At Feb 12, 2015, 6:01:00 PM , Anonymous Brittani said...

I'm glad Marvel has control over it, but I don't want another young Peter Parker. I'd rather Spiderman be older. I just don't think we need another origin story for him.

At Feb 12, 2015, 11:45:00 PM , Anonymous Nika said...

Marvel name gives me a hope too. The idea of older spider man sounds good, but it seem third installment is still going to be about the young one. Maybe they will make another series with more original lineup


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