Jan 19, 2015

Top 10 Movie Characters in 2014

This has been an amazing year because of so many good films, but most of all I will remember some of the characters that made their movies more interesting and compelling. While thinking on this list, I observed that it is possible that I liked a movie without significantly well written or interesting characters and vice verse. In fact, some of memorable characters featured in not so memorable movies. Only two of my Top 10 Characters are from my favorite films of 2014.

So, here is my list:

The Female or unknown, played by Scarlett Johansson, is a haunting character. She is an alien, in human body visiting the Earths to seduce men. While doing this, she starts to discover many things, including herself, her body and becomes extremely curious. The Female is surprisingly well written and she transforms from the beginning to the end, leading to self destruction. Even though, Under the Skin is not one of those films I liked this year, unknown is just stuck in my mind as the most different and unique character of 2014.

I'm never easily impressed by comedy and if I am impressed it's mostly other reason but humor. I remember, the last time comedy made me laugh was Little Miss Sunshine. Neighbors did not make my favorites list, but Teddy Sanders, played by Zac Efron, did. He is a "leader" of fraternity house that make their neighbors' lives miserable.

One of the funniest character from Pride. Hefina, played by Imelda Staunton, is one of few persons who was not ashamed standing right beside gays and lesbians to protect her own rights. The same time, she's a brilliant portrayal of a British person, who has no much experience with sexual minorities and still maintains a decent relationship with them. She's a good example how a person can enjoy a process of exploring something unusual and unknown, like going to fetish gay bars and doing things, she's never done before. For sure, people who watched Pride will agree that she's hilarious, especially in the scene where she finds some porn journals and a dildo.

There is something very charming about this posh character from The Hunger Games series. Effie Trinket, played by Elizabeth Banks, has always been a facade of The Capital. But in the last film, she's become different, the one fighting against the Capital. For absolutely no reason, she's one of few supporting characters from The Hunger Games, I'll remember. Maybe because of such huge transformation.

Surprisingly well developed character from Edge of Tomorrow. Emily Blunt's portrayal of this stubborn woman, who decides to sacrifice herself for mankind, is fascinating. Rita sort of falls within the general description of action movie female character, but she still keeps you surprised and the moment I started making this list, I knew there was a spot for her. Rita basically made the movie more complicated and enjoyable.

Even though Minister Mason can easily be perceived as female, I always felt that there was no clear indication of gender. Tilda Swinton's character is a real blood thirsty tyrant who's cruelty keeps residents in the most unfriendly places of the train. Minsiter Mason is hilarious, terrifying and utterly pathetic the same time and probably a portrayal of many late leaders of the world.

Fletcher (J.K. Simmons) is a heartless bastard, probably the most unpleasant person to be in the same room with. He's dangerous, arrogant and extremely needy. But he is a good professional and Fletcher gets results. I bet Simmon's character even makes viewers uncomfortable but through the movie he transforms in such a positive way that you somehow become sympathetic.  We may not agree the things he does, but we can not refuse the results he gets.

Will Arnett's Batman is the funniest character this year. While DC comics is not rich with funny characters, The Lego Movie made one of the most memorably batmen ever. This one is hilarious, cool and real superhero the same time.

I don't think it needs much of explanation, but I will say that Rosamund Pike's Amy Dunne is the strongest character of past ten years and the most complicated, surprising and interesting avenger, we've seen on screen. She's the type of character who always makes you WOW and stays as the hardest mystery till the very end of film. She's good and she's bad the same time, she's the one hated in the end and she's the one loved too. She's definitely Amazing Amy.

And the first place goes to the biggest surprise this year, Jake Gyllenhaal's Louis Bloom from Nightcrawler - a man who owned nothing in the beginning and become the biggest news reporter in the end. But the best part of this character is the way he sees his - he believes that every crime scene is a piece of art. And his thoughts just terrified me, because they are so real and yet so unbelievably inhuman.

Louis is perfect capitalist, pragmatic person with business attitude to everything and most importantly, he definitely knows what he deserves, therefore never accepts less then that.

So, what are some great, well written characters this year that you remember? 

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At Jan 20, 2015, 5:35:00 PM , Anonymous Brittani said...

I love your picks! I haven't seen Edge of Tomorrow or Whiplash yet, but I agree with all the rest.

At Jan 20, 2015, 7:29:00 PM , Anonymous Nika said...

Thanks Brittani! Edge of Tomorrow was a good surprise, a decent action movie with interesting twists.

And Whiplash is just mind blowing. Do watch it asap :)

At Jan 20, 2015, 11:06:00 PM , Anonymous Sati said...

Love your list! 2014 definitely brought so many interesting characters and I think Amy and Fletcher will become some of the most well known ones from this year in the future

At Jan 21, 2015, 12:43:00 AM , Anonymous Nika said...

Thanks Margaret!

I absolutely agree, they will become and both deserve. They're truly original, well written and memorable characters.


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