Jan 25, 2015

Amazon Pilot: The Man in the High Castle

Last year, Amazon premiered its very first pilots of original series, making some observations whether to renew the shows or cancel it. I instantly reviewed three most compelling ones: Mozart in the Jungle, Bosch and The After. This year, Amazon cancelled The After and ordered new seasons for the rest. Meanwhile, they are continuing the experiment by premiering over 6 new shows for our consideration, for free. 

The Man in the High Castle is an adaptation of the alternative history novel by Philip K. Dick of the same name, telling a story of the world from the perspective that Nazis won the WWII. It mostly concentrates on the US, where German and Japanese Axes try to gain control over the historical America.
Having heard nothing about the novel itself, I had zero expectations and I liked what I saw in pilot. It starts in New York, giving some horrible views of Manhattan and Times Square, with Nazi symbols all around. And from the very first seconds, you know that nothing good would have happened if Germany was not defeated.

Then we are introduced to a young man named Joe Blake (Luke Kleintank) who applies for very secret job that most probably is something against the current government. Joe, pictured above, takes a long journey through the country to deliver a package he has no idea of. Meanwhile, Juliana (Alexa Davalos), a judo instructor heads to unknown destination after her younger sister gives a film reel just before she's killed. Those two people, having nothing in common, create a strong presumption that the show will be an intrigue, mystical piece of work.

The Man in the High Castle creates the whole new world order, which is not clearly shown in the pilot. To the contrary, it more shows personal troubles of citizens and few of this "global" politics. I found that to be a good decision for the first episode, because it helped to prepare me, as a viewer, for whatever we're gonna see in the future.

There are a bunch of important and not important characters, but they make up quite a good story, that succeeds to deliver horror of regime and the sparkle for changes in people. I'd call the cast experimental, because I could not notice anyone familiar. The leads are doing quite a good job, in fact, Alexa Davalos has quite a strong scene, when she watches her sister's reel. Her face struggles through a lot pain and regrets.

The pilot will not make you too excited, but it pushes some interest in you, because it constructs very interesting story and demonstrates vast of potential to develop. Especially, the ending scene is the indication that we will see so many different layers of the war, which is just going to begin.

I really hope Amazon orders the whole season, it can be a new alternative series that we all MUST watch.

Have you seen it? Or any other pilots? Share your thoughts 

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At Jan 26, 2015, 2:15:00 AM , Anonymous Getter Trumsi said...

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Why did they cancel The After?! I was so looking forward for it.. argh.. this is stupid. :(

At Jan 26, 2015, 8:24:00 AM , Anonymous Nika said...

I have no idea. It had very good general feedback but Amazon still decided to cancel. I loved its pilot.

At Jan 26, 2015, 12:43:00 PM , Anonymous Getter Trumsi said...

Same here. I even raved about it in my TV post I wrote in 2014 when.. just weeks before they cancelled it! What a bunch of bastards. :/

At Jan 26, 2015, 1:01:00 PM , Anonymous Nika said...

How even they chose which show to cancel. They renewed Bosch, which is like one of most many similar shows. While The After was written by The X Files creators

At Jan 26, 2015, 7:32:00 PM , Anonymous Getter Trumsi said...

Haven't even heard of Bosch.. oh well. Another one of those pilot wonders that will haunt me forever.

At Jan 26, 2015, 7:33:00 PM , Anonymous Nika said...

I've linked Bosch spoiler free review in the post. If you like it, they've renewed it.


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