Aug 15, 2013

Movie Review: V/H/S [2012]

V/H/S is a found footage genre horror movie that was supposed to be terrifying, but for no reason turned out to be crap. Uniting 6 different segments it tells six different horror stories recorded by the victims themselves.

A gang of outlaws is hired by unknown person to look for a VHS cassette in someones house and record all this on tape. They enter the house and find more than just a tape - a dead body and tons of tapes. Now you think that the dead body means something, right? Forget it. Nothing makes sense in this movie, even each segment separately. The "best" of segments (Amateur Night) gives a look at bunch of drunk youngsters who are killed by some supernatural creature. It is a little creepy in the beginning, especially the girl, who's strange behavior sells the whole story. This part  is also the bloodiest but it does not goes any further providing no scares at all.

This is followed by a story of married couple, who are staying at some hotel. Somebody is visiting them at nights, making a footage of everything she does in their room - stealing money and killing Sam (husband). And later she vanished with wife Stephanie.

This creepy stories may seem interesting, they actually could ever had potential, but in this case, nothing looks charming or interesting. I literally got bored. Having watched it till the very last minutes, I regret losing an hour or so. I could get such a great horrors instead.
Even this does not scare
The idea of footage camera is not new - The Blair Witch Project is one of the pioneers that used shaking cameras to make you scare. In that case it worked almost perfectly alongside the scary plot and sound effects. However footage does not make V/H/S even a little better, it actually irritated me.

Having said this, I give it 1 star, as the worst movie, I've seen lately. However, I am definitely going to see the sequel V/H/S 2, since I really hope it gets a more interesting. 



At Aug 15, 2013, 8:52:00 PM , Anonymous Dan O'Neill said...

Good review. The first and last segment were awesome. Everything else in between was rather lame, but still kept me thrilled for the most part.

At Aug 16, 2013, 12:22:00 AM , Anonymous Nika said...

Thanks Dan. Unfortunately it did not thrill me a little. Maybe because I expected a lot, but I truly am disappointed :)


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