Aug 13, 2013

Movie Review: Epic [2013]

Something called Epic is supposed to be epic, but instead this new animated feature is above average feature. However even more entertaining, than you think.

Oscar winner director of Ice Age, Chris Wedge, brought a well known and predictable tale of two worlds' interaction with each other - the visible and non-visible ones. 

Professor Bomba has been searching for tiny people in nearby woods for years. He has scarified everything to his job, including wife and a daughter, because he believed in success some day. After the death of his ex wife, their girl Mary Katherine (a.k.a. M.K.) moves to his house to get closer to dad. But he does not seem to be an easy person to get along with, his obsession makes him forget everyone except those tiny people who actually live in his mind. So, daughter who came home to be close with father, is upset, since she does not believe anything about mystical world around them and decides to leave. But she is accidentally transferred to the parallel world of those tiny people, her father has been looking for.

I am sure that story is familiar to anybody who loves watching movies/animations. Epic does not tell much new things in any sense. But it still make a pretty good entertainment part. I believe it's mostly because of charming visual style. Since the action mostly takes place in micro model of our universe, everything seems the same, but a little more beautiful. 
Beautiful visual is important, especially when it comes to animations. But that is not everything. Epic enjoys with slightly good humor with average characters, that sometimes made me smile. But it does not actually goes further. However, for some reasons, I really found it entertaining. I watched it from the very beginning to the last minutes and even enjoyed it. I think Epic is really for kids, unlikely for most animations. My youngest cousin would definitely love it more than I did.

Accordingly, Epic is one time watch good animation, that mostly does not make you bored and especially children. And it will be forgotten soon enough.



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