Aug 12, 2013

TV Series: Dexter 08x07 - Dress Code

Previous episode A Little Reflection gave some tricky points for this week's episode - Hannah was back, Dexter did not kill Zach, because Vogel suggested to raise him up.

Dress Code brings great followups for each points. Starting with Hannah, Dex tries to understand the reason she is back and tries to trace her. It seems she is not hiding and actually wants that Morgan found her easily. Debra is worried about her sudden appearance in Miami and practically asks brother to kill her, however he seems to have different plans about ex-girlfriend.

Zach becomes bigger trouble having zero control over himself. It seems writers do not want him to be a bad person, he seems miserable in beating his dark passenger and therefore he totally hopes for Dexter's help. Hamilton is a little, confused kid, who does terrible things and hates himself for this reason and a serial killer is the last chance. Morgan has already decided to be "Harry" for him, to teach a code and make new himself.

The same time, Debra tries to gain control over brother and Hannah. She is not sure whether Dexter is still in love or not and accordingly does not trust him very much. Vogel urges her to foresee all possible solutions for her problems, without hurting Dex, or sending Hannah to prison, since she know everything about serial killer. Debra starts to work in her own way, which might lead us to a very interesting and stunning end. 
Two psychopaths together, never good mix - Vogel

Dress Code gives a closer look at Masuka and his child relationship. Vince does his best to be a good father, taking care of her. And they kind of seem to fit each other. But I have a huge doubts about Nikki. Why writers brought someone on the last season of show, who does not even complicates the plot? She is too simple and aside standing character and it does not look like Dexter. So, I think, there is  something we all have to wait for regarding this little new girl, but I have no clue what this is going to be. 

Hannah and Dexter reunite in some specific sense, which any viewer will find interesting to see on screen. So, I guess that is one of the good parts of this episode.

As always, Jennifer Carpenter is outstanding. As I said before, Sam Underwood is a new star bringing total freshness to the show. His character is interesting, not knowing where to he leads, he is a great actor himself, making a brilliant serial killer. This episode is even better for him, than previous one. So, I guess he as an actor progresses a lot.

All in all, Dress Code is a damn good episode, which successfully followed the 6th one up.



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