Aug 5, 2013

TV Series: Dexter 08x06 - A Little Reflection

Have you tried to uncover why this episode is called A Little Reflection? Well, it's not about a mirror. You need to see it, because episode 6 is definitely about reflections from the past or present, from people around Dexter or others. I think A Little Reflection is not only the best of season but one of the mysterious ones during whole 8 years. It evolves in many different dimensions and comes down to very surprising and amazing end, which I am not gonna spoil. 

Dexter still chases the killer of Hamilton's girlfriend. In previous series This Little Piggy he has a guess that Zach Hamilton murdered father's girl. But having no prove, he continues to study him. Zach turns out to be easy to find, since he visits every crime scene, taking tons of pictures of blood and victims. Morgan knows what this means and one day invites him to closer look at murder scene. Fresh blood makes Zach to open his emotions to the most wrong person he could imagine. But Dexter finds out more about him, than he hoped - a thing that they both share - love and passion for blood and crime scenes. For the first time, Dex sees himself in someone. 

This helps him to get closer a lot and get a prove enough to kill him. Before putting him on his table, Morgan tries to understand why Hamilton is visiting Vogel, is this because of him being a serial killer? Or are there any other reasons?! Still, Zach finally finds himself wrapped into plastic...

But you shall guess, this is not the end...
Dad, you are lying!

Dexter is also worrying about Harrison who accused him in lies, which obviously does not have anything with his dark passenger, but Morgan can't escape the thoughts - what if son is smarter than he thinks?

Dr. Vogel tries to convince Dexter not to kill Zach and suggests the same experiment she & Harry did with him - to teach a code. Morgan is against, because he believes Hamilton shall be killed since he murders an innocent and he is going to kill another. Accordingly this young boy perfectly fits his table.

The writing for this episode is really good. I enjoyed the smart parts of it - dialogues, story line, development of characters, especially Zach and Dexter who both show something we did not think of before. Jennifer Carpenter is getting my more and more favorite part of the show, she steals every single episode with extremely dramatic and extraordinary enjoyable acting. Frankly, this episode was not hers, but she keeps being amazing. And Vogel stays in the center of everything. I have a feeling that the whole show evolves around her and Dexter is not going to rid of her that easily.

Show has a new star - Sam Underwood, who plays a central character of latest episodes - Zach Hamilton. I liked him as an young psychopath, he really does great job by portraying a complex, troubled and wealthy child, who heavily deals with his own dark passenger.

This episode has some tricky points, that bumped my heart couple of times. It delivers a great emotion of satisfaction and brilliant twists. The ending part of it just made my scream loudly WHAT THE FUCK and I am sure, this is gonna happen to everyone, unless you are already spoiled. 



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