Jul 19, 2013

Bad, Worse and the Worst of EMMYs (and some good)

Emmy nominees were announced on July 18 bringing lots of suprises in acting categories, that actually makes whole award season pretty unpredictable. This is what happened there and why


Arrested Development got almost total snub. Jason Bateman is the only actor making the final list of nominees. Despite me not being a huge fan of show, I kind of hoped to see Jessica Walter & Jeffrey Tamblol in comedy supporting race. It's understandable why it did not get comedy series nomination - people find hard to remember previous seasons and new one does not refresh much memory. They had expectations which are not met that easily.  

New Girl gets no recognition from Academy Members. Zooey Deschanel and Jake Johnson get no mercy for the third season of this amazing show. 

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau missing out for his ace season on “Game of Thrones” was also a shame. Some even considered him to be more deserving then Peter Dinklage who got nomination for each season of GOT.


Last year winner Jon Cryer of Two and a Half Men is missing from Lead Comedy Actor race. 

Two guest actors from Modern Family who really deserved nominations did not make it: Elizabeth Banks for portraying extravagant friend of Cameron and Mitchel; and Matthew Broderick who made a super hilarious episode Mistery Date so much memorable. 

Despite the huge recognition of House of Cards, they did not include Corey Stoll in drama supporting actor nomination. He had two outstanding episodes as alcoholic, failed politician.

Game of Thrones did not get directing nomination for The Rains of Castamere. And Michele Fairly is out for playing the most dramatic mother dying in the most dramatic way in the most dramatic episode of the most dramatic TV Show  ever.


When I saw comedy supporting actor nominees, snub of Eric Stonestreet (yes, that Eric who makes Modern Family a lot funnier) totally shocked me. We have talked about one missing actor from Modern Family, but Eric has never been an option, we more talked about Jesse Tyler Ferguson (who's in) and Ed O'Neil (who is also in).
This guy did not make it!
The Good Wife Juliana Marguiles is not among best drama actresses this year. It is not right. She is the reason why The Good Wife is so much great.

And one of the worst things, Glee is back in supporting actress (Jane Lynch) and directing nominations. If the critics missed acclaimed musicals, they chose wrong places to put it in.


Emilia Clarke gets her very first nomination for being a mother of dragons in Game of Thrones. Really well deserved and I hope for further recognition of other actors too, for instance, Lena Headey.
Game of Thrones gets writing nomination for The Rains of Castamere which enhances it chances for best drama series.

New comers in Best Drama Actress nomination: Vera Farmiga (Bates Motel), Kerry Washington (Scandal) and Robin Wright (House of Cards). The moment I saw episode 4 of Bates Motel I was sure that Oscar nominated actress will get a recognition for playing mother to killer son, who herself commits murder to protect family. Robin also had a brilliant material for nomination and she almost seemed to be a shoo-in, however I don't fully understand the idea of nominating Kerry. But all in all, new faces refreshes the whole race in this category, despite Claire Danes being THE ONLY CANDIDATE TO WIN.



At Jul 19, 2013, 7:09:00 PM , Anonymous Margaret said...

Farmiga keeps me watching Bates Motel, though I have few episodes to catch up - I'm so mad they killed that cute dog. I cannot believe Stonestreet didn't make it - he is so much better than Ferguson.

At Jul 19, 2013, 7:37:00 PM , Anonymous Nika said...

Vera is outstanding. I never doubted her Emmy nomination. I still can't explain why Eric could not make it, when Jesse Tyler and Ed are nominees.


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