Jul 30, 2013

TV Series: Dexter 08x05 - This Little Piggy

Last week's episode Scar Tissue ended with a scene where Debra saves Dexter after car accident she wanted to kill brother in. New episode This Little Piggy opens with them sitting in Dr. Vogel's room trying to speak about what happened the other day. This talk takes only couple of minutes but explored many levels of serial killer's character. It seems like Dex is trying to prove that Vogel was wrong about him, that his feelings are real and especially those about sister.

This Little Piggy more concentrates on killer Morgan and doctor are chasing. Things get complicated there after A.J. learns that Evelyn is sending someone after him. He makes a final visit to woman who has been torturing him for many years. 

Debra has changed. She is not freaking anymore when Dexter or Vogel are around her, she is calm and understanding. At first it does not look like a natural thing at all, it's actually weird. But this episode really convinces any viewer that Deb is now OK with brother's "dark passenger". But I'd not be that sure. It is too easy and too cheesy. I really believe that Debra is preparing for plan B and by being helpful to brother she hides it perfectly.

We also learn some new things about doctor's past. Clearly the reason for killings is somehow Vogel herself, despite that she did not turn A.J. into a serial killer. However it's obvious that her experiments where more then just curing.

This Little Piggy also gives a look at Masuka and his newly emerged daughter. We can see how being a father is changing him, but there is something he feels to be no OK and for this reason decides to do a background check on Nikki.

In the end, Dexter takes sister and doctor on a ride with Slice of Life, showing them things he has never exposed to anybody before.

To me, this is a good episode for some reasons. First, it gives a great dramatic look to almost every major character of this season and we explore them even more better: Dex, Deb, Vogel, Masuka, Quinn. Second, it had some heart pumping moments with Morgans which really worked very very good. And finally, the ending of episode... oh, you have just to see it.



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