Jul 22, 2013

TV Series: Dexter 08x04 - Scar Tissue

When the end begun, I was sure that the final season was about more Dexter's emotional and moral choices then his victims on the killing table. And I was wrong and I was right the same time. This season is not only about him, it's about everything we did not know from the beginning.

Dr. Vogel seems to be a person who wants to help Dexter, she's come out of nowhere to assist serial killer in survival. But is that all? Is she an angel saving bad people, or there is something she hides beyond surface? Scar Tissue asks this questions quite clearly but provides no answers. However, she definitely helps Debra to forgive herself and brother what she did to La Guerta. But there is a thought that screwed my mind while watching this episode - if Vogel wants Debra away from Dex, why is she helping her in recovery? Because if she recovers, brother-sister relationship will become the way it was before. Yup, she is weird, and adroit.

The same time, Vogel starts to convince Dexter that he does not need a sister, since he is perfect, he is serial killer and he can't have any feelings toward any person, including her.  Doctor definitely makes his choice harder: with Debra, or without Debra?!

The same time, Dexter gets closer to a killer from Vogel's past. And this leads to a new discovery, that might be very disappointing. As it turns out, he kills people for a reason and it's not only about his thirst to kill, it's about something Dex (and we) never doubted before.

A little "spoiler-type" picture from Scar Tissue
This is a good episode, but not as good as previous ones. It gives some interesting points and information but does not make even best fan (that turns out to be me) to stick at the screen very attentively. Actually there is nothing happening very special, until the last minutes of episode.

However Scar Tissue makes my prediction about Jennifer Carpenter's successful award season stronger. She can transform as fast as the writers transform character of Debra on paper and I like it. She turns out to be the most dynamic character this year.

I am sure the end of this episode will shock you a little and make you feel really great. Because it did to me.

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