Sep 29, 2012

Upcoming Movie Premieres

Most successful films are premiered by the end of the each year. Foreseeing the Oscar statistics, the award winning movies are being aired from late September to December. 

This year's most of probably best picture contestants will be shown in theaters during November and December. Here are some major film events for next three months:

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                Movie Title                               Date                               Director
Argo October 04, 2012   Ben Affleck
Lincoln November 16, 2012 Steven Spielberg
Les Miserables December 25, 2012 Top Hooper
Life of Pi December 21, 2012 Ang Lee
The Master December 10, 2012 Paul Thomas Anderson
Zero Dark Thirty December 19, 2012 Katherin Bigelow
Silver Lining Playbook November 21, 2012 David O. Russel
Seven Psychopaths October 01, 2012 Martin McDonagh
Wreck It Rulph (Animation) October 29, 2012
Flight November 02, 2012 Robert Zemeckis
Django Unchained December 25, 2012 Quentin Tarantino
Anna Kaernina November 26, 2012 Joe Wright
Hitchcock November 23, 2012 Sacha Gervasi
Rise of Gueadians (Animation) November 23, 2012 Peter Ramsey
Rust and Bone November 23, 2012 Jacques Audiard
Killing Them Softly November 23, 2012 Andrew Dominik
Hyde Park on Hudson December 07, 2012 Roger Michell
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey December 14, 2012 Peter Jackson

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