Sep 24, 2012

Movie Review: Shame (2011)

Directed by: Steve McQueen
Written by: Steve McQueen & Abi Morgan
Starring: Michael Fassbender

The story concentrates on Brandon (Michael) who is unable to control his sexual wills, he can't stop thinking about it, surfs the porn site at work, masturbates in men's room and awkwardly stares at women in subway. Additionally, Brandon can not attract his attention on his job, people around him and he forms as an indifferent person. 

But life changes when his sister Sissy moves to his apartment. She finds sex more involving, emotionally attached relationship and with the difference to her brother Sissy can not have sex with every human.
**End of Spoiler**

First of all, Shame is professionally written and directed movie. It tells a man's private story surprisingly well and interestingly. The movie is calm itself, without any emotions just like Brandon, develops imperceptibly. Alongside the whole film you step by step get known to main character, his dark sides and evils inside. This is a type of writing which does not scream, but it talks convincingly. 

Michael Fassbender played a performance of his career. He is amazing in Hunger but this one is masterpiece -  a real Oscar nomination-worthy role. He delivered the character's personal tragedy, life and shame brilliantly - he wants no witnesses to his hookers, his pornography, his masturbation.

The movie does not suggest any solutions to Brandon's problems, it just tells a story. Seems like Brandon does not even try to fix all these. He live with his sins, he does not like it, all he get is self-loathing.




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